Episode 85: 400% increases in my business + breaking ties with a spirit of FEAR

abundance + prosperity Mar 01, 2023

Are you feeling a call into the next season of your life? Perhaps you are feeling a career or position shift, or an entire reinvention of your business? Maybe you’re feeling the urgency to move to a completely new place, to restructure the way you LIVE your life - but you’re wondering - how on earth am I going to be able to DO this? 

I am so entrenched where I am. This is all I KNOW. 

Today’s episode is building off last week's episode on the ONE shift that changed everything for me, getting into Alignment. (If you haven’t tuned in, definitely go back and have a listen)

Today I am sharing my own personal journey of LETTING GO, the gratitude I am feeling right now for unanswered prayers and what breaking ties with a spirit of FEAR has opened up!

We are talking about 

  • How do you make this move without everything “falling apart”?
  • The trouble with our ‘expectations’ of outcomes
  • When you are praying frustrated and nothing locking into place
  • EXITING the OLD life in a powerful and loving way
  • What we ‘want’ vs what we NEED in this moment
  • Spiritual Agreements + Bonds - when something has a GRIP on you
  • The Spirit of FEAR vs the Spirit of LOVE - how to discern who and what we are making agreements with
  • A Personal Story about my unanswered prayers and the doors that opened instead

A Spirit of  “FEAR"  paralyzes us, buries us under a weight of pressure 

and alienates us from others. 

 God given fear is an instinctual directive that MOBILIZES us and tells us it’s



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