Episode 87: Redefining Boundaries, Curating Your Ideal Day + Letting go of People Pleasing Tendencies

abundance + prosperity Mar 15, 2023

"Where there is no VISION, the people PERISH."

Today I am inviting into a completely new conversation around boundaries and RECLAIMING your Ideal Day.

I often get comments and questions around Boundaries that sound something like this:

"I need to set some stronger boundaries so I can actually get things done!"

"How can I say NO when all these expectations are piling up and they are ALL things I am committed to?"

"How can I not let people down - my people, kids, wife, husband, organization NEEDS me."

Today I am inviting you to make the SHIFT out of contraction + lack and lean into the world of creative energy.

I am sharing 3 Practical Things you CAN DO today to get back into the sweet spot of Clarity, Flow and feeling Energized again - without the contraction that comes with having to put boundaries in place. 

  • When the demands of your schedule and everyone else are stacking
  • Why I am 'upgrading' and even 'ditching' the idea of boundaries for THIS instead!
  • How to get the JOY back - where resentment has taken roots
  • Our default programs - that recycle - same old patterns
  • Are you taking too much on? Buried under the weight of pressure.
  • Are you hanging on to a PAST role and identity?
  • A Simple and Powerful Exercise I come back to regularly to HONE myself in. 
  • It's time to get UN-REALISTIC. Grab your "Magic Wand!"

I would love to hear from you, 

What are you CONSCIOUSLY CREATING in this season of your life?

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