Episode 29: Do you have a Savior Complex? Taking Personal Response-ability

relationships Feb 02, 2022

Today we are talking about taking radical personal response-ability FOR our relationships.


POWER COUPLES know they are there to BRING all of who they are to the relationship. 

We are here to BRING the BEST that we have to each other and into this energetic exchange we call ‘relationship’:


We are called to BRING forth our gifts, our abilites, talents, our individual uniqueness, to the game.


We are called to embody our masculine and feminine essence - which is what creates polarity + passion! 


That being said, a man or woman who is showing up in a powerful sacred union  is NOT showing up to FIX, SAVE, CONTROL or MANAGE the other person.


They are not there for a PROJECT to keep them busy or to FIND their Meaning/Purpose.


They are there to celebrate, honor, respect and appreciate each other. To hold a mirror up for growth as they co-create together FROM a place of Meaning and Purpose.

So what gets in the way?


In addition to victim consciousness (which I addressed in a previous episode) 

One of the things I have seen is this Savior Complex. 


We play this role in our parenting, at work, in our families, with friends. While initially this can come from a place of wanting to help, it can be highly destructive and disempowering at the same time.


Is it time to BREAK FREE of this old identity?


If you want to be a POWERFUL lover + leader with plenty of bandwidth for all the things that truly matter, the answer is a resounding YES. 


We are RESPONSE-ABLE TO each other, not FOR each other.


In this episode I unpack: 


  • What IS a savior complex?
  • Designed to be a HERO
  • 7 Signs you Might Be Playing the Savior
  • Nothing kills passion faster than THIS!
  • WHY on earth are we doing this to each other?
  • When our innate needs are being met in dysfunctional ways



Welcome to part 1 of a 2 part series on overcoming the SAVIOR complex and stepping into an EMPOWERED Union!


This is one episode you want to tune into!



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