Episode 15: Are you CLOSED off to DEEPER LOVE + Intimacy?

If you have been desiring MORE intimacy, connection and trust - this podcast is for you my loves.

In this episode I dive into this and so much more!

  • The GAMES we play with each other
  • When Conditional, Transactional Giving has become the ‘norm’
  • Symptoms of a CLOSED Heart
  • 3 Things that CLOSE a HEART and BLOCKS us from receiving this type of Love, Intimacy and Connection
  • HOW to DISSOLVE a Hardened heart in order to ACCESS DEEPER LOVE



Make sure you check out these timestamps: 


5:57   A closed heart is closed from both GIVING + RECEIVING

6:50   Transactional Giving

8:06   The “Program” that messes with our heads - Did I EARN this? Did I DO enough to receive this kind of love?

11:11  Our first loves, our mother and father 

11:40  Hot & Cold Love

13:00  When we are wondering and waiting for the “ulterior” motive

15:20  We are Putting on a show and performing in our relationships

17:38     What exactly hardens our heart so we feel so disconnected?

18:56  The beauty and the MAGIC that is in our dark STUFF



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