Episode 69: Fear, Doubt, Success + Daily WINS with Joshua Kreitzer

What wakes you up in the morning and puts a fire in your belly?

AND … Why should anybody care? 

This is the core question we are diving into in today’s episode as I am joined by one of my amazing clients, industry leader, family man, and CEO of Channel Bakers - Josh Kreitzer. 

Often we think if things just get bigger, if we just scale more, if we just make more money, get a bigger house, a ferrari, a beautiful ski boat, a massive team… all our ‘problems’, insecurities and challenges would magically disappear right?


The truth is - the more we boldly step into the next level of abundance, growth, expansion - take the LEAP into a new realm - it requires a whole new way of doing things and it tests us each step of the way.

Josh  went from losing everything and living off food stamps (with his family) in 2008 to sleeping on a yoga mat in the office to running an agency that does over 250 million in ad revenue globally per year. What he is really doing though is building people up! 

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • Genuinely caring about PEOPLE rather than looking at them as commodities
  • Relationship building is truly the ‘currency’ of value
  • How continues to let go of control along the way and navigate the growth journey
  • How our gifts have been with us our entire life, even in our first jobs!
  • The GLASS WALL of confidence - how to make it Bulletproof and what shatters it
  • How hitting roadblock after roadblock actually led him to BUILD this new company!
  • His Ingredients to Massive Success - multiple times over

I hope today’s episode will encourage you in the midst of hard times, inspire you to breathe more life into your vision and keep MOVING forward in faith!

“Go OUT every single day and make PEOPLE feel SPECIAL”



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