Episode 13: Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

In this Episode, inspired by EPISODE 11 - (How to NAVIGATE Seasons of Change without Losing your MIND)

I unpack

  • The SPACE between two worlds
  • The VOID - what to DO when it feels like nothing is happening?!
  • Not WHO I used to be, Not Sure WHO I am called to BE
  • Where are you TAKING ME?
  • When the ANSWERS “Don’t Come”
  • Are you Negotiating with God and making Deals with the “Devil” inside
  • the QUICK START, Firecracker who was told to SHUT UP. SIT DOWN. BE STILL
  • My Personal Journey as I share posts I wrote along the way

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