Episode 18: Wishy Washy Faith... Do YOU Have It?

spiritual growth Nov 17, 2021

Today I am talking to those of you who KNOW you are here on this earth at this TIME in history, not only to satisfy your personal desires, but to help +serve HUMANITY.

My brothers and sisters - fellow Warriors of the HEART,

Your FULL PRESENCE is required right now to SHIFT the tides of the human heart and that’s going to require you play full out in your spiritual walk.


  • We are not going to do this in the physical world alone. The physical world moves slowly.
  • Definitely not through force (we are seeing where all this is going). This never lasts.
  • Definitely not through ‘logic’ and debates. That never works and is simply a tool to distract and suck energy from us


We are going to DO this, BE a part of this - in the SPIRITUAL first, as well as the physical. 


In this episode I am asking some TOUGH Questions that came up for me as I was - and continue to be REFINED in my spiritual walk. 


I invite you LISTEN IN today and SHARE this with a friend who you know is on the same walk.



This assessment will reveal How positioned you are to receive AND Sustain the next level body, relationship or mission in your life and it’s the FIRST step to going deeper into this work.

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