Episode 142: 5 Conversations to Unify Your Marriage! with Mark Jewell

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2024

Today I’m joined by my husband, business partner and earthly King - Mark Jewell and we‘re talking relationship success, effective communication and habits to uplevel your marriage in EVERY area: logistics, energy, wealth, vision, finances and a UNITED front! 

We share the five key conversations that have breathed life into our relationship, from the daily briefs that keep us synched up in our daily routines, to the glue that holds us together found in our shared prayers. 


Through practices like the transition walk, we clean up the energy of daily stresses and find time for recalibration and reconnection. 


Plus two more MUST HAVE conversations to put into your calendar on a regular basis. These conversations, born out of frustration and also a desire to do better together - are steeped in intentionality and commitment. 


They have not only deepened our bond but expanded our vision beyond what we could do alone. 


In this...

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Episode 141: DAY ONE vs โ€œOne Dayโ€ with Kyler Kropf

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2024

Today I’m joined by Kyler Kropf, CEO of Saddlebrooke Homes and we are talking about the life changing decision of making today our “DAY ONE” - instead of waiting until “some day” to get started or get things back in right order. 


Kyler is more than just an entrepreneur; he's a story of resilience, a testament to the power of belief in oneself, and an example of humble beginnings leading to extraordinary achievements. 


At the age of 19, with a vision far beyond his years, Kyler embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that was less about building sheds and tiny homes and more about constructing a life marked by purpose, peace, and prosperity. 


Coming from a small town in Arkansas, Kyler's early life was anything but easy. An 8th-grade dropout facing the limited prospects of a $250-a-week farm job, he saw a future for himself beyond the confines of conventional expectations. 


Without any formal education in...

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Episode 140: When It Feels Like Rock Bottom

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2024

What do you do when you feel you have nowhere left to GO? 

When nothing you are doing seems to be working any longer - in fact it’s only making things worse?

When you want to burn it all down and start over but you feel like you’ve got to fight for your life? 


Today's episode is inspired by some heartbreaking conversations I have had lately with men and women who have reached out to me. I have heard things like


“I don’t even want to be alive right now.”

“If I didn’t have my wife and kids waiting for me at home, depending on me - I would be checking out right now.”

“I have nowhere left to turn. Everyone I once thought I could rely on has turned on me or left the building”


Guys, this is not ONE  person. This is multiple people and conversations in a very short time. 

Seems to be a theme right now. Many are really struggling, feeling trapped by old lives and challenges are hitting them...

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Episode 139: 5 Practices for Leaders on the RUN: Recalibrated Instead of Rushed!

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2024

How do you maintain a sense of balance when you’re constantly on the move? 

I just returned from 4 weeks of non-stop travel for work and family events, not to mention the everyday projects I am working on in FULL swing - including the launch of my upcoming book, Drop the Armor. 

It's easy for us to hit a wall of exhaustion when we are running. 

Today I want to share 5 Foundational practices I have in place when I travel for work events that help keep me grounded and ensure I come home both rested and ready to rock on execution. 

Hint - we are breaking free of the constant RUN in order to create a new rhythm of work and recovery that brings us more than ‘achievements’ and busyness -  but greater bandwidth, clarity and the ability to execute from an inspired state!

Key Takeaways for High-Achieving Leaders:

  • Embracing OPTIMIZATION Over Busyness:  I've learned firsthand that creating a better rhythm and practices in our daily routines not...
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Episode 138: Unlocking Championship Mindset with Ben Utecht

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2024

Today I am honored to welcome Ben Utecht as a guest on the show and today we are talking about championship mindset, leadership, and unshakable culture!  Ben is not only a celebrated Super Bowl champion but also stands out for his remarkable leadership qualities which earned him the "Uncommon Leader Award" from the esteemed NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy.


After an injury ended his NFL career, Ben pivoted into the corporate world as a sought-after speaker within the Fortune 500 arena, becoming the Chief Culture Officer for True North Private Equity, a family of companies whose portfolio currently includes 28 companies across 5 industries. Utecht is also an owner in the top US Ninja Fitness/Entertainment Franchise, Conquer Ninja Gyms, where he oversees all culture systems that impact every location.


Key Takeaways:

The things that break us are the things that make us: every challenge, every injury, and every transition is an opportunity for growth and surrender...

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Episode 137: Wanting vs Willing - The Character That Guarantees Exponential Growth

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2024

You may WANT it ALL…

But are you WILLING?

The great marriage, the self leading team, the guilt free time off and memories with your kids, the mental and physical fitness, FREEDOM to work on the things that actually light  you up. The laser FOCUS to innovate rather than be putting out fires daily… The intimacy with God. 


A SPIRIT that feels ALIVE inside you. My guess is You WANT it ALL. 


But the question I have for you today is - Are you WILLING to do what is REQUIRED to receive it, build it and multiply it? 


You would think that the “higher” you get the more willing people are to DITCH their OLD ways in order to make room for the NEW thing they want to normalize. the more willing they are to take the “risk”, LET GO and LEAN IN to the next evolution  of growth or depth, right?


Actually - what I’ve found is that often (not always) the MORE success and stuff someone has accumulated the...

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Episode 136: Transcending our Current Reality - 5 Stages to FREEDOM

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2024

Do you feel like God's finest handiwork, living out your KINGDOM calling? Or do you feel more like a machine, going through the motions most days?  

Join me as we explore HOW to transcend our current reality and live a life of ultimate purpose and alignment - aka - GOD'S plan for our life! 

Today’s podcast is inspired by the recent completion of my upcoming book, “Drop the Armor, slated to come out early Jan, where I share my journey of going from an unfulfilled and misaligned “warrior” of the world - fighting all the wrong battles - to living a life of FULL YES in every single area as a Warrior of the Heart.  

I could not be here if I had not gone through this path of initiation. I call it the warrior's initiation, the journey from head to heart into a whole new playing field. 

Here's the thing… There are so many realities available to us at any given moment in time. Every single morning you wake up, you are choosing....

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Episode 135: Body Upgrade: the Pros and Cons of Pushing Our Bodies

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024

Today we are diving into our relationship with our Bodies, Health and Performance. 


What does it mean to YOU to be FIT? 


Everyone I speak to says health is one of their core values, but WHAT does that really mean?

Have you taken a look around at what ‘normal’ looks like lately? Medicated, stressed out, tired and burned out. Bags under eyes, bloated bellies and joint aches and pains.


All it takes is one look around to see how OUT of shape and out of integrity we are if that’s the case.


And what about all these ‘ultra’ fit looking athletes with not an ounce of fat on them - winning championships and crushing the competition. Is that a spitting image of health?

All those muscles. All those medals. All that talk of ‘no pain, no gain!’


I have been in the world of athletics, nutrition, weight loss and competition for over 3 decades now. AND If you would have asked me this question 20 years ago, my...

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Episode 134: Upgrading Ego-Centric Business Practices to Values + Purpose Driven Blueprints

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2024

As we continue on our collective journey of growth and self-discovery, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the themes we've explored together in recent episodes.

If you've been following our podcast series, you know that we've delved into the raw, real stories that have shaped my passion for restoring broken homes, starting with broken hearts and identities. From family origin to distorted love, each episode has invited us to examine the core relationships that underpin our lives.

In our latest installment, I delve into the intricate workings of our internal programming—the mental and emotional blueprints that shape our approach to work and life. Drawing from personal experiences, I share the journey of aligning business practices with deeper values and purpose, moving away from societal standards toward kingdom blueprints.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Exploring Internal Programming: Understanding the mental and emotional blueprints that influence our approach to...
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Episode 133: Love Story: From Broken Hearts + Affairs to Discovering REAL LOVE

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2024

Ever feel like love and marriage is a mysterious riddle you just can’t seem to crack? 

If so then get ready for some real heart-to-heart talk because today's episode is a deep dive into my personal rollercoaster of “love”

I have no doubt you’ll be able to relate to a few of these seasons I went through…. 

Today I'm taking you on a journey from the twists and turns of  co confused / distorted love to the warmth of discovering the REAL deal. LOVE, after all, is a STATE of BEING and the presence of GOD manifested - not fleeting emotions! 

Buckle up because we're about to get real, raw, and oh-so-relatable!

In today's episode I’m unpacking the 5 Stages I went through as I matured in relationship with myself, men and God. 

I’m sharing:

  • The normalcy of Dama
  • Red flags in relationships, and the desperate housewife dilemma. 
  • Why we run to and relish in promiscuity  
  • The generational baton of affairs
  • Fighting...
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