Episode 93: 5 Character Traits of Leaders Who Multiply vs Those That Contract

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2023

What exactly are the “catalysts” or character traits for consistent and exponential growth?

I’m HOT on this topic of living fully charged and on mission right now. In the place that not only feels amazing but is in full alignment with Gods plan for us. 


So many of us want to grow, to expand, to scale, to become better leaders, to experience more richness in our relationships, financially, emotionally and spiritually, and yet there are certain characteristics of those who consistently multiply in their lives versus those who stay the same or contract over time. 


We are not called to maintain the status quo. We are called to MULTIPLY.


In today’s episode, I am unpacking five characteristics or catalyst of leaders who multiply consistently in a world that contracts. 


  • What is it about their attitude, mindset or actions that sets them apart? 
  • What is it that brings them “favour” and opportunities...
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Episode 92: Overcoming Fear of Rejection, Embracing Obedience + Trust!

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2023

The painful dagger of rejection.

Whether it was our parents withholding love through silent treatments or never being able to measure up to their expectations, to that first heartbreak, to the friends we trusted turning on us completely. Maybe it was getting cut from the team and feeling your dreams crushed or growing up with abuse in our household. We've all experienced it deeply. We've all been wounded by it.

If you're human, you've experienced rejection and you are not alone. This is a BIG topic and one that comes up repeatedly, especially in leaders who are feeling the CALL to move into new unchartered territory, and they feel like impostors or are doubting their abilities!

Today I am sharing a sneak peek into a chapter of my coming book and sharing some personal stories about my own struggle with rejection, my rebellious spirit, what to look out for and how to move beyond this place of bondage.

In today's episode, we're unpacking:

  • Breaking ties with the spirit of rejection +...
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Episode 91: Forgiving & Letting Go When Others Don't “DESERVE” It

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

Ever had something that you’ve been holding on to for so long that it now seems to have a HOLD of you?

Like in your head, you think you forgave the person and moved on by deep down you know, that stuff is still IN your body.

How do we let go and actually forgive people that don’t deserve it?

You know, the one that hasn’t and will not be asking for forgiveness any time soon, the people that think that they have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Perhaps that person has admitted their wrongdoing but you just can’t accept it.

How do we get PAST that + actually free ourselves from the entanglement?

So many times we think we're “over it”.

We think we've forgiven, we think we've moved on, but our body has not forgotten. Our nervous system has not forgotten. We still feel locked up, tense, rigid, tight. RECOILING in walls of protection. It’s pretty much impossible to look at that person or situation...

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Episode 90: Beyond the Ordinary. On Suffering, the Power of Grace and Activating SUPER NATURAL Strength, Courage + Abilities!

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2023

Do you still find yourself in the trap of needing to SUFFER before you can say you’ve actually earned the RIGHT to enjoy something? Be honest now. I know this place well.

Today we are talking about moving beyond our addiction to suffering (yes, it’s a pattern) in order for us to feel worthy of receiving something meaningful. Whether it’s the love of our life, an incredible achievement or an epic experience, the truth is - so many of us are incapable of truly enjoying the people, things, experiences in our lives without thinking there’s some sort of ‘catch’ to it all. In the back of our minds, it’s as if some sort of transaction has to take place that will cost us dearly, or a massive thing we must overcome - BEFORE - we can even think about having that good of a thing in our lives. Our nervous systems just can’t seem to relax and receive the moment.

Can you relate?

Years ago I had two visions that came to me in rather close timing...

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Episode 89: Let's Normalize Talking About THESE Things! Upgrading The Conversation Inside Relationships!

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

Who taught you the ART of healthy + productive communication inside your relationships?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who had amazing parents in this department - but if you’re like that majority of people, you’ve been trying to figure this out your whole life, playing whack a mole.


We’ve heard it said that The Quality of our LIFE is determined by the Quality of our Relationships, yet one of the greatest challenges or gifts in relationships is how to actually talk to each other + LISTEN effectively. 


So - how do we begin to move out of the place of dysfunctional communication and into the place of productive, effective, and clear communication that is both safe and moves us closer together?


That’s exactly the conversation we are unpacking in todays episode of 

How to Navigate Difficult Conversations + NORMALIZE 

Healthy Communication so we stop defending, attacking, assuming, triggering, and reacting to one...

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Episode 88: 5 Ways to INFUSE Your Marriage This Week

relationships Mar 22, 2023

Are you longing to feel more of your Man’s presence and strength?

To feel like you are in an actual romantic relationship vs being his teammate, roomate, personal assistant, co-parent or business partner?

Today I am specifically speaking to the ladies out there, but men of course are always welcome to tune in and gain some powerful insight.


Today I am sharing 5 things you can focus on and do this week that will infuse your marriage.


I am super passionate about protecting and cultivating the BLESSING of this SACRED GIFT called marriage. It is truly the launch pad for everything else in our lives. The way we parent, the way we show up for our businesses, the confidence level we have in bringing our own unique gifting + genius to the world. 


When you have that person next to you who gets you, knows you, will fight for you, loves you where you are at, it pours rocket fuel into you and its’ deeply nourishing to the well of our souls! 



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Episode 87: Redefining Boundaries, Curating Your Ideal Day + Letting go of People Pleasing Tendencies

abundance + prosperity Mar 15, 2023

"Where there is no VISION, the people PERISH."

Today I am inviting into a completely new conversation around boundaries and RECLAIMING your Ideal Day.

I often get comments and questions around Boundaries that sound something like this:

"I need to set some stronger boundaries so I can actually get things done!"

"How can I say NO when all these expectations are piling up and they are ALL things I am committed to?"

"How can I not let people down - my people, kids, wife, husband, organization NEEDS me."

Today I am inviting you to make the SHIFT out of contraction + lack and lean into the world of creative energy.

I am sharing 3 Practical Things you CAN DO today to get back into the sweet spot of Clarity, Flow and feeling Energized again - without the contraction that comes with having to put boundaries in place. 

  • When the demands of your schedule and everyone else are stacking
  • Why I am 'upgrading' and even 'ditching' the idea of boundaries for THIS instead!
  • How to get...
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Episode 86: Overcoming Anxiety and Living Lighter Again with Dr. Jennifer Blossom

overcoming adversity Mar 08, 2023

Today I’m joined by Dr Jennifer Blossom - host of the Dr Jennifer Blossom Show, mother, wife and creator of Neuro 5x ~ a program she developed after learning to navigate and overcome her own struggles with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.  

Jen & I met at a conference recently where we instantly hit it off as we share the same for EXTRA-ORDINARILY success without the mental + relational breakdowns that so many high achievers deal with. . 

Today we are talking about the power of moving suppressed Energy, God at work in our lives and becoming mentally strong in the face of challenges.


We are unpacking:

    ⁃    The LABELS we give ourselves and the dangers of identifying with them

    ⁃    From Crippling Fear and Anxiety to being full of life force! 

    ⁃    The thoughts behind the labels we place on ourselves


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Episode 85: 400% increases in my business + breaking ties with a spirit of FEAR

abundance + prosperity Mar 01, 2023

Are you feeling a call into the next season of your life? Perhaps you are feeling a career or position shift, or an entire reinvention of your business? Maybe you’re feeling the urgency to move to a completely new place, to restructure the way you LIVE your life - but you’re wondering - how on earth am I going to be able to DO this? 

I am so entrenched where I am. This is all I KNOW. 

Today’s episode is building off last week's episode on the ONE shift that changed everything for me, getting into Alignment. (If you haven’t tuned in, definitely go back and have a listen)

Today I am sharing my own personal journey of LETTING GO, the gratitude I am feeling right now for unanswered prayers and what breaking ties with a spirit of FEAR has opened up!

We are talking about 

  • How do you make this move without everything “falling apart”?
  • The trouble with our ‘expectations’ of outcomes
  • When you are praying frustrated and nothing...
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Episode 84: The ONE Shift Into More Abundance and FLOW

abundance + prosperity Feb 22, 2023

What can we do to LIVE more abundantly, to experience MORE of the RICHES of life and less of the pressure cooker that comes with lack and scarcity?

How do we GET into the place of FLOW and how to we STAY there?

Even though we want it, desire it and crave to be in a place of freedom, flow and prosperity - it often seems to be a distant dream or something we experience in little pockets here and there.

Is there a formula for this? What is the key to making the switch?

This week's episode is a continuation from last weeks conversation on the BLOCKS to abundance and we are flipping the script! While I could share an entire list of things that have allowed me to change the name of the game and experience more abundance in my life, I wanted to keep it super simple.

ONE thing. ONE Shift. ONE simple but not always easy action that consistently opens things back up again. As always there is just ONE thing that is the first domino that begins to set everything else in motion. This is it for...

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