Episode 122: Visioneering: Faith, Freedom + Fulfillment Part 1- NOT This Way

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2023

What does the next chapter of your life, the next year look like? 

What are you consciously creating and are you aware of what it takes to “get” there? 

Years ago, I broke the mold on traditional goal setting and year-end reviews, and I adopted a completely different way of visioneering my life, what I focused on, what the priorities were, how I would organize my time and my energy.


In today's episode, part one of a multi-part series on creating more freedom, fulfillment, and impact through faith, I want to share the five mistakes that I see many people making over and over again when they want to create a new future. They want to transform their marriage. They want to grow their business or get things into alignment, but they keep hitting a wall or recycling, repeating the past like Groundhog Day. 


What are the common mistakes  that have us driving in reverse over and over again?


I invite you to join today's conversation and...

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Episode 120: Mastering Your Environment for Optimal Performance + Flow

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2023

Is your current work/home environment working FOR you or against you? 


What if you could train yourself to be FULLY PRESENT and focused for RIGHT things at the right time? Where work, connecting with family, doing what’s required could be FUN rather than exhausting? 


What if instead of trying to handle “all” things poorly, leaving open loops 24/7, you could create a better system of operating?


Today I'm introducing a strategy I’ve implemented and am always refining  that is a game changer if you apply it! 


Curating the Environment that BEST supports us. 


As I've journeyed through the process of navigating my own overwhelm, I’ve come to realize the importance of intentional living


This means learning how to shift my environment often to BEST optimize the work at hand, designing my spaces with purpose, and creating areas that serve my well-being and mental peace.


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Episode 119: Redefining the Idea of Work

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2023

Today's topic that has been a game-changer in my own life: 

Redefining the definition of ‘work’ + clarifying what the most important work is.


It's a journey I embarked on a few years back when I hit my perfect storm – a time when everything in my business, my body, and my relationships came to a total burndown moment.  For years, I had been ‘working my butt off’, trying to fit more and more into my already overstuffed life - never quite living up to my expectations. Disappointed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Something had to give…


But I had so much more WORK to do. How would I ever get it all done? 


From the ashes, I discovered a profound truth: when we change the way we think and redefine our ideas around success, everything else falls into place.


In today’s episode I am unpacking...

  • What if we've got work all wrong? 
  • Debunking the idea that work has to be hard...
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Episode 118: BECOME the CEO of Yourself with Brent Pohlman

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2023

Today’s episode is all about becoming the CEO of yourself - first and foremost.


Today I am joined by a man I have come to have much respect and appreciation for, Brent Polhman. 


This guy shows up. Daily. 

Consistency is definitely one of his superpowers! 

He is a father, husband and President / CEO of Midwest Laboratories, as well as the author of "Leaders Look Within”.


Today’s conversation kicks right off with us addressing some of the top questions I get from leaders, specifically:



  • How do I attract and keep the right people?
  • How do I know who I can trust and what’s the key there to building great teams?



We also delve into


  • Navigating Cancel Culture
    • Staying true to your values and beliefs even in the face of cancel culture.
    • Authenticity and integrity resonate with the right people. 
  • The Power of Consistency + Intentionality
  • How Tracking Discomfort Daily has Changed his...
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Upgrading your BELIEF System

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2023


How would you describe your ‘internal’ operating system?

By operating systems I am talking about the beliefs running in the background that are essentially responsible for running your entire life. 

Today’s episode was created off the heels of our last few discussions around re-evaluating our values and getting those in the right order. (If you missed that episode, you can catch it here : Insert Link)

The next step then becomes examining our operating systems because ultimately - if what you VALUE + what you BELIEVE don’t match, you will have an incredibly difficult time ever finding any peace in your days, any flow in your processes, and any lasting results.

So - Today we are unpacking our internal operating systems. Belief systems are learned. They are shaped by our experiences, conditioning, environment, and societal influences. And that means….. they were PLANTED there! Yes. They are PROGRAMS that are running. This means they can be...

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Episode 116: [FOMO] Redefining Our Values and Prioritizing What Matters!

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023



Who doesn’t have it? 


Fear. Of. Missing. Out.


Oh those opportunities knocking at your door!! 

Opportunities to get ahead, to close one more deal, to get that shiny new “toy”,

to knock off that extra achievement/win off our list. 


Opportunities to “meet the right people”, get in the “right” room, be where the “action” is… 

To be liked. To be needed. To be wanted. 


FOMO is real. And so is all the anxiety and fallout that comes with it.


In this episode I’m flipping FOMO on its head and giving you a  fresh perspective on how to look at it for what it actually is, a thief of your joy and peace. 


I'm also going to share the one SHIFT and a simple clear process that will reintroduce balance, calm, and yes - JOY - back into your life. 


Today's episode is all about REDEFINING SUCCESS by 


  1. Getting clear on what...
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Episode 115: 7 Steps to Healing

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2023

Most of us have a ton of emotional and mental weight we are carrying around 24/7. You know that elephant that always seems to be sitting on your chest? That thing that feels like the weight of the world. 


Here’s the truth; so much of that mental, emotional - and yes - physical weight you’ve been packing on - has nothing to do with needing an extra workout, although that definitely helps.


It has 100% to do with HOW you are CLEANING UP and processing what’s inside you. HOW you are training yourself to move through these difficult times. The divorce, the affair, the employee leaving and stealing business, the team members who are creating internal division, the spouse who is non responsive, the kids who are struggling… You get it.


We’ve got a lot of cleanup, processing and healing to do if we are going to move forward lighter, mentally sharper, more energized and excited to do life again.


BUT many of us are completely...

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Episode 114: On Pain + Betrayal + Healing our Emotional Wounds

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2023

Last week I was at a leadership conference and I asked a handful of executives the burning question: What keeps you up at night? 

What are the things that feel heavy on your heart and weigh you down? The things you just can't seem to let go of?

The common answer: “I don't know who I can trust. I don’t know who really has my back”

Can I trust my people? Can I trust the people on my team? Can I trust these relationships? Can I trust people in relationships, intimate relationships?

That conversation both inspired me and unearthed some stuff that I was holding on to so I decided to dedicate an entire episode to it.


In today’s episode we are unpacking those unresolved pains, betrayals, losses - wounds - that we must HEAL in order to free ourselves from the emotional weight, remove the bottleneck in our life/business (which is us) and open ourselves up to what’s NEXT ...


In this episode I unpack 

  • The Nature of Healing
  • Why it’s...
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Episode 113: RESTLESS! Moving from Complexity to Simplicity

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2023

In today's episode, I dive deep into the sense of restlessness that plagues many of us in our addiction to over-complicating our lives. The challenges of navigating a world filled with constant information overload and distractions are REAL my friends

This topic of ‘restlessness’, misalignment and overload; frequently arises in my coaching sessions and my own life experiences. Our energy and superpowers - unharnessed - can quickly spiral when we lack the boundaries (structure) and clarity to keep us focused and grounded in the middle of a million distractions and demands.. Before we know it we find ourselves restless and anxious, swimming in a sea of overwhelm.

Here’s what we covered in todays show: 

Segment 1: The World of Overwhelm (0:00 - 03:21)

  • The prevalence of information overload and distractions in our daily lives.
  • The feeling of being constantly pulled in multiple directions.
  • The importance of breaking free from these distractions to be more present...
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Episode 112: How to Determine The Best "Way"

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2023

One of the biggest questions we all struggle with is, am I doing the right things?


How do I know if I'm on the right track? 

How do I know what the best way forward is?

What is the best way to make this business decision?

What is the best way to handle this business deal?

What is the best way to solve this problem, this marriage?


The way is often what trips us up and causes the most stress and the most grief.


Figuring out our “formula” for creating and building in a way that is actually expansive is a great challenge for so many of us. 


In today's episode, I'm unpacking 


  • The three different personality types and mindsets that people create from
  • The consequences of creating, building, solving problems from each one of these “ways”. 
  • How our experience and our journey is going to change based on the way we decide to create. 
  •  As always, a personal story about what I've discovered is my...
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