Episode 13: Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

Where do I Belong? The Tension between Two Worlds Is REAL!

In this Episode, inspired by EPISODE 11 - (How to NAVIGATE Seasons of Change without Losing your MIND)

I unpack

  • The SPACE between two worlds
  • The VOID - what to DO when it feels like nothing is happening?!
  • Not WHO I used to be, Not Sure WHO I am called to BE
  • Where are you TAKING ME?
  • When the ANSWERS “Don’t Come”
  • Are you Negotiating with God and making Deals with the “Devil” inside
  • the QUICK START, Firecracker who was told to SHUT UP. SIT DOWN. BE STILL
  • My Personal Journey as I share posts I wrote along the way

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Episode 12: Breaking FREE of Performance Pressure

overcoming adversity Oct 06, 2021

Ahhh, the PRESSURE is for REAL!

The pressure to keep up. The pressure to stay ahead of the game ON TOP of your GAME.

The pressure to measure up. The pressure to KEEP Expanding

The pressure IN our minds, Our bodies…. It’s a REAL thing.

Just IMAGINE if you could SHOW UP and truly bring ALL of you to...

> your business, 

> your family, 

> your team 

ALL WHILE being able to experience a sense of CALM in the “CHAOS”, EASE in your body and FREEDOM in your mind?

What would CHANGE in your life if you could show up that way consistently?

In this Episode I unpack PERFORMANCE PRESSURE and How to Flip the Pressure Switch!

  • WHAT is it?
  • WHERE does it Come FROM?
  • What is DRIVING it and creating this crazy ADDICTION to it?

AND because I always like to bring you REAL LIFE practical tools to implement I shared: 

  • 5 Steps to SHIFT out of the PRESSURE
  • Where to BEGIN! 

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Episode 11: Know your SEASON. Know your GAME Plan.

spiritual growth Sep 29, 2021

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”

In this episode I unpack: 

  • What ARE the SEASONS of Life?
  • How to tell which season you are in NOW
  • Relationship seasons, work seasons and yes - seasons of HEALTH
  • How to MOVE through these transitions with more ease and less friction

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Episode 10: My Greatest RELATIONSHIP Failures + PRICELESS Lessons!

In this episode I am holding nothing back. 

I am getting RAW and REAL with you on my greatest relationship failures and the priceless lessons that TRANSFORMED the way I operate IN relationships.

In this episode I unpack: 

  • 25+ years of recycling the SAME relationship issues with different people - emotional unavailability, competition, betrayal, mistrust, lack of support and so much more
  • The BREAKING POINT that finally had me say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and launched me into a WHOLE NEW Playing FIELD
  • The HUMBLING and Game Changing Road to Upgrading my Relationship Beliefs + Operating System
  • HOW I show up completely different as Partner today - no longer coming from a place of lack or fear, but of a true lover, partner and co-creator

To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here. https://linktr.ee/christinejewell

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Episode 9: Super-Natural Strategies to WIN the Day

leadership Sep 15, 2021

WINNING the DAY does not have to be HARD or mean cramming MORE into your day. 

In fact, you WIN by clarifying, simplifying and multiplying what matters most.

In this episode I am going to dive into and share my top 5 Strategies to WIN the day as a Conscious Leader AND give you my personal daily planning method.

Are you a Conscious Leader? 

  • As a conscious leader, you are INTENTIONAL about what you desire to create
  • You are AWARE of what works, what doesn’t , what gets to be upgraded or refined along the way
  • You do not get pulled into the energy sucking games that throw most off course in the mindless ‘drift’ (See Episode 8)
  • You are CLEAR on what matters most and put structure in place to SUPPORT your FLOW and optimize your time, energy and focus

If all these are a resounding YES! Then join me in todays episode where I share...

  • My Personal Strategies for Success 
  • Simple + Powerful ways to Reclaim your Energy and Channel your Focus
  • How to...
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Episode 8: 7 Enemy Tactics That Rob Your Energy, Focus + JOY

spiritual growth Sep 08, 2021

Two wolves are fighting to the death. Which one do you think will win? You must have heard a version of this Native American tale. It gives us a view of every man's inner conflict. It's important to realize that there's constant opposition to all good things. Like the tale of the wolves, you have to feed the values and choices that matter most to you. 

Today's episode is a continuation of a 3-part series on the battle in the supernatural realm that manifests itself in the physical world. To win the war, you have to be fully equipped and start living life more intentionally. 

Grab your Copy of ENEMY TACTICS + How to SPOT THEM now! https://www.christineline.com/enemytactics


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

 If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. 

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun...

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Episode 7: Overcoming the Battles We're Facing

spiritual growth Sep 01, 2021

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.“

 ~ Ephesians 6:12, KJV


Are you feeling lost with what's happening in the world? Tired of the constant struggles and drudgery? Have you lost your joy? Know that things are not always what they seem. 

Do not fight your battles in the physical realm. Instead, put on your spiritual armor. 


Dear Warrior, your heart is the gateway to your soul. Guard it well. 

Everyone is fighting a battle. Be kind to others who are not on your side. 

“Do not underestimate the power of prayer to reorganize things in the supernatural world.”

- Christine Jewell



2:39 The battles that we’re facing are not what they seem

5:50 Leadership starts within, but not everyone is called to lead

9:17 The first step is to recognize that you are in a...

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Episode 6: Cultivating Expansion vs "Chasing" the Next Level

What have you been trying to get more of in your life? Do you crave better health, a more lucrative career - love? What is it that you truly desire? Are you chasing after worldly desires instead of honoring and cultivating the desires that God has placed in your heart?

 Dear Warrior, choose to embrace the identity of a cultivator. Start watering and nurturing the seeds that God planted in you. Celebrate what is already in your life and watch it amplify.


“Everything I need is always supplied in perfect timing and perfect order.”

- Christine Jewell



2:09 Why do we have to ditch the “getting” mindset

3:30 Listen to this magnificent feedback machine with powerful sensory mechanisms

5:11 The wonders of the Supernatural Law 

12:05 Be aware of the patterns, our triggers and reactions, and operating systems

14:20 Cultivating vs. getting - recognizing the right mentality and making a conscious upgrade

17:56 What is it that you truly...

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Episode 5: Breakdowns, Breakthroughs & Purposeful Re-Alignment in Life

overcoming adversity Aug 18, 2021

Breakdowns, breakthroughs, and purpose. What exactly do they mean? Is it possible to experience breakthroughs without having to burn things down? Why do we constantly ignore the warning signs? Tune in to another inspiring episode to unpack these questions and understand how we can break free from a destructive cycle that we have allowed ourselves to live. 

 Dear Warrior, start paying attention to the signs, tune in to the natural flow of life one step at a time, and move forward with purpose, on purpose.


“Let’s choose to operate from a place of expansion and consistent growth without needing to have breakdown moments all of the time.”

- Christine Jewell


3:01 Why do we have to go through breakdowns

4:33 There are three types of people -- which one are you

6:15 Discover how alignment and flow impacts your body intensely

8:50 What are the physical and emotional signs of misalignment 

13:43 Be curious and explore, expand and grow!


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Episode 4: ENERGY is EVERYTHING! Instant "Body" Upgrade

Are you constantly feeling tired, exhausted, and on the verge of burnout? You are not designed to live that way. Energy is not a limited resource. You can have more energy, vitality, and life force.

So how do you access more of that supernatural energy? And what is the role of your body in harnessing the life force? Christine will answer these questions in today’s episode. 

 Dear Warrior, you are not your body. You are a soul, a spirit housed in a beautiful body. Your body is the vessel to experience the fullness of life. It is time to upgrade the level of care that you give your vessel.

“Mindset is NOT everything! ENERGY is Everything!”

“You can choose to be a HOSTAGE to supernatural strength and life force or a HOSTAGE to the things that drain you and ROB you of Life!”

- Christine Jewell



7:54 Your body image and your feelings

15:11 Shifting your relationship with your body

19:09 Understanding the cost of not caring...

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