Episode 33: A Life Worth LIVING: On Men, Money, Sex and Performance

abundance + prosperity Mar 02, 2022

A LIFE worth LIVING is measured by all the things you can't possibly MEASURE, and yet MOST people  are tirelessly measuring every single aspect of their lives! 

The world systems have trained us to measure everything 10 ways til Sunday.

I remember a time when I followed the destructive/contractive programming and measured most things in my life....  because I "Thought" and was taught - that's what high achievers do

“Successful people measure everything” - High Achievers set goals and go after what they want.

This was the STANDARD I grew up by and ran every aspect of my life by.

Remembering this just makes me want to purge right here on the spot. 

Looking back -  I was living a completely different life, in a totally different world, with totally different rules of engagement than I ‘play’ today.

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Episode 32: Better Than Before: Rebuilding Relationships Post Divorce


In today’s episode, I am joined by my clients, Jordan + Eric for a client interview and real-life example of two people who are committed to doing the WORK to create the relationship they desire after two really tough marriages.

They entered their second marriage with high hopes that the past was behind and things were going to be smooth sailing! But soon enough they began to realize that those same issues and painful triggers from the past were showing up again and again, themselves in a different outfit.


Frustrated,  and at a complete loss on WHAT to do - they reached out and committed to this JOURNEY together. They soon began to realize there was a GAP in what they THOUGHT they needed from each other  vs what was actually required from both of them to CREATE the new.


As always, it starts with US - not the other person.


The beautiful thing about these two is that they DECIDED together to truly become co-creators of the NEW together -...

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Episode 31: When others aren't ” measuring up”

Dealing with others who see things completely opposite than we do can be incredibly challenging at times. Whether it’s our partner, our EX-spouse, our young adult children who are choosing ways that make ZERO sense to our logical mind. The way we handle and view Our differences can create a LOT of tension, stress and chaos in our lives.

In todays’ episode we are talking about how to handle the traps we easily fall into when others are not measuring up to our expectations and standards.

What do you DO when someone you love thinks and acts in ways that make NO sense to you?
What about an EX husband or wife who raises the children in a completely different WAY than you would like or believe is best?
How do you navigate teens and young adults who go against the grain on the foundational things you stand for?

Today I invite you into a radical perspective shift and conscious UPGRADE as we embrace a DIFFERENT way of Looking at others and situations

We explore some of my favorite...

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Episode 30: Overcoming the Saviour Complex + Empowering One Another

Today's episode is part 2 on overcoming the "saviour" complex and moving into a place of truly EMPOWERED connection with others.

Creating the SPACE for others to DISCOVER their own strength, courage, wisdom + processes.

 It is so ENERGIZING to be IN an intimate relationship with someone who has inner confidence, takes personal ownership over their own actions and BRINGS their own ideas/vision/solutions and unique GENIUS to the relationship. 

AND .... This is a conversation transcends just our 'love' lives. 

It is practical and applicable to how we parent our kids, especially those 'young adults' stepping into their OWN ways. With our adult 'children', when to get involved, and when to LET THEM Be. Too many adults out there are still over-parenting and bailing their adult children out 20, 30, 40 years later! 

It filters into how we lead our teams at work - FREEING ourselves up to gain back more time to work...

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Episode 29: Do you have a Savior Complex? Taking Personal Response-ability

relationships Feb 02, 2022

Today we are talking about taking radical personal response-ability FOR our relationships.


POWER COUPLES know they are there to BRING all of who they are to the relationship. 

We are here to BRING the BEST that we have to each other and into this energetic exchange we call ‘relationship’:


We are called to BRING forth our gifts, our abilites, talents, our individual uniqueness, to the game.


We are called to embody our masculine and feminine essence - which is what creates polarity + passion! 


That being said, a man or woman who is showing up in a powerful sacred union  is NOT showing up to FIX, SAVE, CONTROL or MANAGE the other person.


They are not there for a PROJECT to keep them busy or to FIND their Meaning/Purpose.


They are there to celebrate, honor, respect and appreciate each other. To hold a mirror up for growth as they co-create together FROM a place of Meaning and Purpose.

So what gets in the way?


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Episode 28: Power Couple SECRETS - Sacred UNION

relationships Jan 26, 2022

Being a power couple has been something ON my heart my entire life. It was a deep desire and longing of mine to experience this rare love that is an inseparable force FOR something so much greater.

How do we define a Power Couple? 

In today’s show I dive into...

  • Sacred Union + Sacred Space
  • Fiercely protecting our relationships from external infiltration
  • The “Miracle” of Submission and Devotion
  • Allowing our unique gifts to be revealed inside a relationship
  • Honoring all the seasons + holding space for each other IN the process
  • Are we Amplifying + Multiplying each other?
  • Are we Building each other up?

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Episode 27: Ditch “SELF”-Love for a Legacy of LOVE

In today’s episode, I debunk some popular philosophies out there, including all this “SELF” love BS that’s got so many people, especially women - chronically dissatisfied and disappointed when it comes to their ‘love’ lives.

The NEED for connection and intimacy is HARD wired in us. Our bodies are literally made to experience it. Think of how our bodies simply RESPOND to touch, closeness, affection. They light up, turn on, relax, open up as the oxytocin is released, our heart rate shifts and body leans in.

We are SOFT wired for it. Our hearts are forever longing for it, hoping for it… seeking it out. Humans will do anything just to feel seen, heard and wanted. Battles have been fought and wars ignited in the name of love.

It’s undeniable. We are MADE for connection, but if that is so why are so many of us struggling in this department, where do we begin in order to cultivate deeper more meaningful connections AND what has got to go...

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Episode 26: "Victim" Consciousness + Breaking FREE of the BLAME GAME in Relationships

We ALL Desire a safe, supportive relationship - one where we are SEEN, HEARD and that feels GOOD to be IN.

And yet - SO so many couples I work with are STUCK looping through this level of consciousness and playing this familiar pattern out that is so PAINFUL to watch and be a part of.

They feel unheard, unseen, unwanted and... you guessed it - It's the "OTHER PERSON's" fault!

It's the Victim/Aggressor Game and when you are in this pattern it just SUCKS the life right out of YOU, your relationship and your MISSION.

It's a REAL thing and it's way more prevalent than we like to admit or acknowledge.

In today's episode I unpack some of the core issues that keep us in this pattern & how to move BEYOND the level of consciousness that keeps creating 'problems', feeling out of control and triggered 24/7.

This is THE FOUNDATIONAL tipping point to take you FROM a relationship that is just FRUSTRATING to one that is LIFE GIVING to be in!

We dive into:

  • How to tell if you're in a...
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Episode 25: Redefining it All - New Business “Blueprints”

leadership Jan 05, 2022

It's a new year and with it comes the optimal time to redefine, refine and upgrade our vision, standards and operating systems for the coming year.

Today I am diving into the Business side of things. For high performing leaders, this is a time of relentless focus on what the BUSINESS is going to do + how it will perform - so I thought I would invite you and challenge you into a different type of conversation around business, your mission - the core operating systems and standards you set for this year.

I invite you and challenge you to join me in today’s discussion as I look at DITCHING all the old programming for a fresh -  updated perspective and blueprint: God-Centered, Heart Driven and in FULL Integrity.

I share...

  • A Word of the Year - why it matters
  • My Personal Vision for 2022
  • Completely NEW ways of Operating and DOING “Business”  in 2022 and beyond
  • Out with ALL the old traditional marketing, sales, staff, competitive, production based systems and...
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Episode 24: Are you Addicted to Your Healing or Walking in Your Wholeness?

overcoming adversity Dec 29, 2021

Hippocrates was quoted as saying: 

Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

Today I am diving into something I have witnessed over the past 20 years - over and over and over again.

I’m diving into this conversation and calling out the familiar patterns, mindset and belief systems of those who are addicted to their “healing” Versus those who CLAIM their healing and WALK from a place of wholeness, while also doing the inner work ALONG the WAY.


We discuss: 

  • The healing journey is one we are all called to go on
  • When it’s time to CLAIM our healing and move boldly forward 
  • How to tell if you’re addicted to healing as a means to escape responsibility
  • Why it’s Easier to be “sick” or have something “wrong” with us, than to be HEALTHY, WHOLE and CAPABLE 
  • called to GET UP and WALK 
  • Moving ONWARDS and claiming our new life is not as...
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