The "Hard" Truth About Manifesting Your Desires...

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

THE “HARD” TRUTH ABOUT “MANIFESTING” YOUR DESIRES & what the heck’s IS manifesting anyway?

First off let’s clarify what Manifesting even means...

To Manifest something simply means to make APPEAR to the eyes what was ALREADY there .

Interesting. ALL we desire is HERE the whole time, yet we can’t see it. We are BLIND to see, feel, hear, experience it.

We simply can’t create what we desire unless we are OPEN to SEE it.

Here’s what I often hear from clients, people etc who want to manifest a new reality ....

“How LONG will it take?”

“Can I still ..... (do my old stuff) and Be Open to Receive my Soulmate?”
(READ. I want to keep doing what I know isn’t working while getting what I want) ‍

“How will I KNOW if this will work? I don’t want to put all this time into something and it doesn’t work!?”

“I’ve TRIED for so long, and nothing is changing for me.”


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Are You Chasing Love? ❤️

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

We ALL need and crave love. It’s innate, embedded in our DNA and coding. We were CREATED for it by our creator and there is this gaping hole inside of us, waiting to be filled in connection with something greater.

And yet… so few people truly get to experience the feeling of it - unconditionally without transactions.

This past year, God has taught me much about love and what it feels like to be connected to unconditional love.

If you are LOOKING for LOVE from anywhere other than inside of you - YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL, YOUR Connection to God... you are not looking for love.

You are seeking attachment, significance, approval, control, ownership, validation of your worth and value.

You will never FIND what is missing inside of you. You will never be able to GIVE what is not inside of you.

In order to CREATE the LOVE you desire, it starts within.

When you are FULL of LOVE it radiates from you. Your vessel is SO FULL it is abundant and HAS to SPILL out of you.

It literally oozes...

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I am NOT Setting Goals for 2020

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

I am NOT setting any Goals for 2020.

In fact, I am turning everything I USED to DO upside down and inside out right now.

In the past I have always rushed into the new year setting a new vision, making aggressive goals and figuring out EXACTLY how I was going to achieve them.

I attacked the new year in relentless pursuit of the “NEXT” thing.

I LOVED setting goals.

I loved the rush of chasing something and knowing there would be very little that could stand in my way.

Sometimes the goal was

getting a PB in a half marathon...

Or Competing in a tough Half Ironman...

In the business - breaking $50k months, then hitting $60k then Chasing down $70k per month...

With my health, it was making sure my body fat % stayed WELL under 19-20%

You get it.

I was in a constant chase. Hustling. Focused. HUNGRY.

That OLD blueprint of hustling, grinding, chasing, setting goals and stopping at nothing served me... for a LONG time.

It allowed me to SURVIVE and OVERCOME so much and for that I am...

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How to NOT let OLD TOXIC relationships into your NEW one

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2019


Toxic relationships are super hard to deal with when you're in them, but it's also super hard to deal with the repercussions of these toxic relationships.

SO how do we deal with them? And how do we not bring them into new relationships? 

To start, we all carry baggage. Baggage is a term commonly used to describe the emotional sh*t we take with us wherever we go. It holds us back and drags us down, and it drags our loved ones down too.

In the podcast I equated "baggage" to a backpack full of rocks. (jump to 2:20) the rocks are our past traumas and the more rocks we have the heavier it gets. (Because emotional baggage is VERY heavy)

When we get out of an old relationship we pack up all of our rocks hunker down and say "ON TO THE NEXT ONE" so when we come along our next relationship we hand over our giant bag of rocks and say "here you go, good luck!"

And that's a funny visual, but in's not so funny. We expect our new partner to take on this heavy bag of...

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What USED to work for you might the VERY THING holding you Back Right Now

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019

Ever feel like what USED to WORK is NO LONGER Working?

Is the VERY THING that USED to get you RESUTS, is now not delivering the same outcomes? In fact.... it may be sucking up so much of your mental, physical and emotional energy for the return you are getting.

It can be super frustrating and confusing!

What GIVES? 

The OLD Operating System: NO PAIN, NO GAIN

When we were younger we bought into the idea that if we hustle, and work our asses off, and harness the "no pain, no gain" kind of mentality that we will GET RESULTS.

In athletics, in business, in life - this was the golden rule I certainly was exposed to.

AND... IT WORKED. For the most part.

I hustled. I grinded. I PUSHED through pain. In fact I LOVED the struggle. That's where all the GLORY was. 

I NEEDED the Pain and Fear as a launching pad to take ACTION and MOTIVATE me.

I NEEDED the STRUGGLE in order to EXPERIENCE the bliss in the reward.  That was what I NEEDED to go through back then and it...

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The LIES we believe about Relationships

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

As a high-performance coach, I hear a lot about how relationships are hard work.

Or that we need to sacrifice things that matter to us and compromise who we are to have this amazing, kickass relationship.

Even, that we need to struggle for a long time together and come out stronger to be the power couple that we want to be.

But the people that are saying these things and show it off on social media...are bullshit. Or they are gearing towards a different audience and maybe that kind of lifestyle or relationship style isn't fit for you and your partner.

A BIG one I hear from people is that "I don't deserve a relationship like that." But where does that come from?

We see things as challenges, and what do we do when we are presented with a challenge? We want to overcome it or fix the problem. And the "problem" in this scenario is our relationships.

We want to be FIXERS

We get sucked into the belief that the fighting and the conflict is an essential part of the growth of our...

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Getting out of your HEAD, and into your HEART


 Sometimes we feel that we are being called to go somewhere and do something, but our head can get in the way.

We get stuck in our old ways and our brains get into this groove, and these comfort zones. And our brains really like comfort zones

BUT those patterns and comfort zones aren't healthy, so what can we do to stop those patterns?

I talked in the video about checking and reevaluating our vision, and how that can really determine how we approach our life and our business.

Cutting back on patterns that hold us back is going to help us so much in the long run because...
What got you to where you are now is not going to get you to where you really want to be.

When we are stuck in our heads, that creates a really limited space for us to operate from.

So when we lean into our hearts we start to see great things come about. God sees our efforts and gives us results even though we may not see it right away or even expect it.

As soon as we learn to lean into...

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When you are doing the work but it feels like nothing is changing...

When you're doing the WORK but the outside world doesn't feel like it's catching up... It's EASY to fall back into old patterns.

Here is why, what you can do, and how to EXPAND your WORLD...


Are you a high achiever that has had to sacrifice your health, relationships or parts of you in order to experience 'Success'? Are you DONE with that - DONE with settling for less than your SOUL DESERVES and ready to STEP into your LIGHT?


For start, our outer world is always reflection of what's going on inside of us.

I know, it's kind of hard to accept - but our outer world is constantly mirroring back what we have put out there. Sometimes we don't like what we see and that drives us to make changes.

We decide to set goals. We change our habits, we start working on reframing our thoughts.... we PUT in the work.

And then.... it can feel like crickets for a while.  In fact at times it can feel downright frustrating!

I know because I have been there. Busting my *** and...

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Are you heading into 2019 with a CLEAR PLAN for yourself?

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018

What is in store for you in 2019?

Are you going to be the CAPTAIN of your SHIP, be proactive or just be along for the ride - reacting to whatever comes your way?

Have you THOUGH about it?

So MANY of us are setting for LESS than we want and are capable of every single day - and that life is leaving us feeling stagnant, complacent and stuck.

We start off with greatest intentions until... something derails us, often unintentionally,  and then we are going through the motions all over again.

HOW do we stop this from happening and ensure we follow through on the promises to ourselves? HOW do we experience more this year?

I want to challenge you to take time now, as we close out 2018 and start new in 2019 to look at the BIG Picture of your LIFE

Are you HAPPY with the level of Energy, Purpose and Relationships in your life right now?

If the answer is no - I want to INVITE you to join me in an Annual Planning Process I recently introduced my clients to and we are going to...

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Is the DRIFT Pulling you out to Sea?

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2018


Remember the last time you went on vacation?

Do you remember how much time, energy and thought you put into planning it? Finding flights, deciding where to stay, what restaurants to check out... what activities you MUST add to your 'bucket list'. Planning trips is so exciting and I have yet to meet someone who doesn't get jazzed up about it.

It's exiting! It's something we look forward to... and something we invest incredible attention and Intention to.

Here's the thing.

Most of us spend more time planning a weekend getaway or a dinner out than we really put into intentionally planning our LIVES.

It's sad and unfortunately very true.

Then we wake up one day and wonder..... "What happened? How on earth did I get this way?"

"THIS is not how I thought I would look/feel/end up!"

Hmmmm. That my friend is what I call the DRIFT.

The best analogy I’ve come up with while working with clients to describe how most people live their lives is that...

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