Episode 46: The Addiction Free Lifestyle with Ronnie Landis - Breaking Free from Addiction

overcoming adversity Jun 01, 2022

Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, peak performance, and human potential. He is also an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a full-time athlete.

He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a former semi-professional athlete and holistic practitioner for years. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating people on optimizing the body, sharpening the mind, and expanding the human spirit.

Today we are talking about addiction but specifically the addictive/coping strategies we turn to and the psycho/emotional things going on below the surface that drive these behaviors. 

Whether it’s closet eating, unconscious social media scrolling, alcohol dependency, retail therapy, sex addictions, nicotine…  The list goes on - we can all relate at some level - and many high achievers have grown up in homes where addiction was part of our upbringing. 

In this episode we unpack:

  • The two things that make...
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Episode 45: 6 Pillars to Accessing + Circulating Abundance in Life

abundance + prosperity May 25, 2022

Part 3 of our 3 Part Series on Living Abundantly - loving fully and tapping into the Life Force that is always available TO you.

Do you struggle with Living FROM a state of Abundance + Prosperity?

To LOVE and LIVE from this place is a constant practice and daily decision. Today I unpack 6 super simple, yet potent ways you can began to shift out of a lack mindset and open your eyes to what is already available to you.

This means TAPPING into a NEW State and becoming a circulator of life, rather than just a consumer. The beautiful thing is, once you make these shifts - things begin to reorganize fast!

Are you still stuck thinking that ONCE you achieve the goal, attain the next thing, overcome this battle you’re in, get past this season of life… THEN you’ll be able to live abundantly?

Time for a conscious and strategic upgrade!

In this episode I unpack:

  • The 6 Pillars of Tapping into Abundance
  • Why Emptying Yourself on a regular basis is ESSENTIAL
  • Why I believe...
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Episode 44: Are You a Giver or a Taker?

How Good are you at GIVING?

Are you able to give with gratitude and appreciation?

OR Are you waiting for others to go first? Grumbling, complaining, resentful, fearful or depleted?

In today's episode we unpack:

  • How to tell if you are Giving to "Get" - why relationships feel life sucking
  • GIVING an offering vs 'trading, exchanging and bartering'?
  • GIVING from a natural state of abundance + overflow
  • How can you give if you're MALNOURISHED?
  • How fear of loss is getting in the way
  • The Spirit of Pride and how it manipulates outcomes
  • PLUS >> the PROSPERITY/Abundance principles of GIVING!

This isn’t just about MONEY - but ANY area of your life!

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To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here. ...

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Episode 43: How to RECEIVE Abundantly - > Are you CLOSED off or OPEN to receiving?

abundance + prosperity May 11, 2022

How GOOD are you at RECEIVING? Are you open or closed off to it?

Is there even room in your life to receive ALL that you are created for?

Or are you repelling the love + affection you crave, the prosperity you are designed for, the VISION that wants to call you and come through you?

Today’s episode is the 1st of a 3 part series on the ART of RECEIVING and GIVING and it’s inspired by so many men and women  I work with who come to me because they are terrified to receive. 


That’s right. They are terrible at receiving and as a result they are burned out, stressed out, overextended - resentful - and jealous of other people's relationships and lives. 


Truth is they are so full of ANXIETY + FEAR + TENSION that there isn’t any room for abundant receiving to happen in their lives. They literally repel gifts, love, opportunities because they are addicted to fighting for it, needing to control the process and are simply uncomfortable with...

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Episode 42: Curating a RICH + INTENTIONAL Life - Musings from Tulum

abundance + prosperity May 04, 2022

I believe a RICH LIFE is one where we get to experience the fullness of all that God has designed for us. We experience depths, layers and richness, or abundance in all arenas, not just the financial one. 

Today’s episode is inspired by a 1:1 trip to Tulum I recently went on with my 18 year old daughter that got meditating on just how grateful I was that I had intentionally curated the life I have today.

I started a tradition years ago of going on solo trips with my kids as a way to spend more quality time together post my divorce and to cultivate deeper connections with each of them. I realized how much they thrived when I spent time with them 1:1 so it became a regular thing and I’ve never looked back. It truly has ENRICHED all of our lives.

This is just one of many decisions I made early on to INVEST in the soil that mattered to me - my relationships.

In today’s show, I share why I believe we are not here to create our lives, but rather to choose HOW we...

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Episode 41: Pacing + Pressure and Flow State Living: Slowing Down to Speed Up

abundance + prosperity Apr 27, 2022

Is there really room for MORE than enough? 

Is there such a thing as living a life in FLOW or is it just a pipe dream, reserved for big wave surfers and extreme athletes?

I believe there is absolutely MORE than enough time, energy and space for us to experience full lives from a state of flow but it requires we set the intention to live this way and adjust our pacing IN the pressure. Such has been my life story as I am learning the art of mastering ‘pacing’ to live more intentionally IN the pressure.


There is a Good pressure that expands us at a rate our nervous system + energetic body can handle- and then there is the pressure that cracks us open, burns us out + has us constantly in fight/fix mode - stuck in loops of massive growth only to be followed by contractions that take us right back to square one. 


When we force things, we break things.

When we rush things, we miss things.

When we try and ‘fit’ things into already full...

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Episode 40: Redefine Failure & Unlimit Your Potential with Seth Pepper

overcoming adversity Apr 20, 2022

If you couldn’t lose, what would life look like right now? 

In today’s episode I am joined by Seth Pepper, High Performance Coach and mindset mentor to top athletes, coaches and companies and we are redefining failure. Specifically we unpacked what it takes to normalize GREATNESS. 

At the age of 14, Seth chose his sport and within just six years of that first day in the pool, he became one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. What carried him all the way to the top – was developing the power of his MIND. Along the way, he won 2 National Championships, held the #4 Ranking in the World and was inducted into The Hall of Fame. 


The impossible… isn’t.


I loved everything about today’s conversation! 


Feeling uncomfortable? -> That's Life -> Life BEGINS at the edge of your comfort zone.


Your Results Are Not Your Identity

It’s amazing how many “Yes” are waiting out there if you are...

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Episode 39: “Micro Decisions” that Make You or Break You

abundance + prosperity Apr 13, 2022

In today’s episode we are talking “Micro Decisions”.


Those moment by moment, second by second -choices we make on a daily basis that either MOVE us toward the life we desire or Break us + DISTANCE us from it.


Whether we think about it or not, each day is simply a long series of micro-decisions - many of them made unconsciously and trained into our psyche and nervous system.


Last episode we discussed the importance of asking a clear + powerful question in order to get a clear and powerful answer.. 


The next step is the KEY though. 

What do we CHOOSE  - based on that answer? Do we talk ourselves out of the answer? Do we choose to believe it?


Do we freeze, flee, fight or lean in?


It takes trust to move forward and TRUST itself doesn’t happen overnight.


To trust is a decision.

To love is a decision.

To enjoy something is a decision.


These things are cultivated and nurtured in motion.

They are...

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Episode 38: Powerful Questions to SHIFT Any Situation

abundance + prosperity Apr 06, 2022

This episode is full of LIFE Changing gems! Today I am opening up my arsenal of secret ‘weapons’ with you… the power of ASKING and asking the RIGHT Questions at the right time. 


Here’s why: 

If you ask yourself a Wise + Powerful question,  you’ll get a Wise + Powerful response. 

If you ask yourself expansive questions rooted in abundance, you’ll get responses and solutions that OPEN up possibility and potential. 


The same is true the other way.  If you ask a poor question you’ll get a poor answer.

One that makes  you MORE confused, frustrated, contracted.. You get the point.


Todays’ invitation is to activate renewed vision inside you by mastering the art of asking questions. 

I also address why it’s KEY to ask questions, vs telling others and yourself what to do/think/feel. 

In this Episode I Unpack:

  • 10 Powerful Self Reflection Questions 
  • The ENERGY behind...
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Episode 37: Are you FIGHTING the SPIRIT or LEADING with it?

spiritual growth Mar 30, 2022

How do we move forward boldly,  knowing we are moving in the right direction?

I often get asked some version of this question

How do I know when I am moving IN STEP with the Spirit or fighting against it?

How can I TELL if this (decision/thing) is God’s will for my life or not?

I see a couple things happen here...

  •  People getting PARALYZED by indecision or inaction here. They lack BOLDNESS.
  •  Others keep ASKING for what they already HAVE! They are not acknowledging + accepting the answers and so they pray over it and meditate on it + ask for direction on things they have already been given answers to!  They lack the ability to RECEIVE + MULTIPLY.
  •  Then there are Others who are overwhelmed and drowning in pressure bc they seize EVERY opportunity that present itself to them. They lack DISCERNMENT
  •  Those who it seem to have it DIALLED IN a good portion of the time (not always) but often  - they are TRULY connected to their Spirit and the heart...
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