Episode 66: When Nothing is Going Right or According to Plan!

spiritual growth Oct 19, 2022

What do you DO when everything seems to be going WRONG? 

Ever felt like you are in the middle of a cosmic boxing match?

How do we navigate those days, weeks, times and seasons when there’s just one thing after another coming at you? When nothing seems to be going your way, according to plan and you have the choice to either laugh or cry. 

Last week was that kind of week for me.

No matter which way I turned, it seemed like there was resistance pushing back. In my old life I would have definitely fought, forced and pushed my way through it, but this time things were different.

Today I want to share some of the ways I navigated the last week (and this season), as well as the insights, lessons, and gifts I picked up along the way.

In this episode I unpack:

  • My comical and disheartening day! It’s been a while…
  • How God used my circumstances to speak to me and show me what I NEED to see and hear most
  • How Answered prayers often come in the most unexpected ways
  • ...
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Episode 65: Why You Struggle to Have HEALTHY Relationships

relationships Oct 12, 2022

Do you STRUGGLE in having healthy relationships? 


Have you had a hard time attracting a partner that truly appreciates you? 


Are you in a constant battle to be heard, seen and understood inside your relationships? 


Today I’m sharing some of the common “operating systems” and characteristics of people who repeatedly struggle in establishing and HOLDING onto healthy relational dynamics.


Note - I USED to be this person so this is a loving share from a raw, real place


In this episode I’m unpacking 


  • The things that trigger our HOT buttons 
  • WHY you’re easy to “mess with”
  • Are you afraid of being controlled and manipulated ? 
  • What causes us to be easily manipulated 
  • How to stop playing defensive or offensive game all the time 
  • Breaking the patterns of our past “mental program”
  • Are we making other people our “Master”?
  • Ditching the measuring...
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Episode 64: What makes you Qualified? IMPOSTOR Syndrome, Self Doubt and Owning Your Unique Gifts!

overcoming adversity Oct 05, 2022

WHO do you think you are? WHAT exactly makes you qualified to get out there and do the work you are doing? What makes you think you’ve ‘got what it takes’ to help others along their journey/talk about this stuff? Should you really be making that much money??


“God Does Not Call The Qualified – He Qualifies The Called”

This is perhaps one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is certainly one that I recall often, especially when the voices of doubt creep in and the old impostor visits. 


As I support clients, this conversation comes up often. The need for more and more information, more external validation, more connections before they MOVE. 


As I go through this process of 


Impostor syndrome calls us to remember who we actually are, where we come from and what we are actually positioned to do at this moment in time. 


In this episode we are unpacking:

  • The creeping thoughts that come in and how...
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Episode 63: On Anger, Compassion & Freedom + Using our GIFTS to FREE others with Miguel Sanchez

Today I’m joined by my dear friend and powerhouse of a man, Miguel Sanchez - who recently found himself in the midst of a shootout and his story of HOW he was called to deal w the shooter is just incredible.

We are getting raw and real (just how I like it!)  talking about hostage situations, being under the gun (literally at gun point!), in the pressure cooker and how we choose to respond under those situations.


Whether you are in high pressure stakes at home, in the business or finding yourself in the midst of chaotic and aggressive encounters - this show is for you.


We are talking about:


- Moving diligently and discerningly through hostile situations,

- How compassion WINS & transforms situations rather than fighting back

- Supernatural Interventions are REAL!

- Processing Unresolved Anger

- Dealing with Depression & The Heaviness of Life

- Finding inner FREEDOM    By letting go of outcomes

- The POWER of being a CHANNEL for...

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Episode 62: The MultiDimensional Human: Your 4 โ€œBodiesโ€ Explained

We are multidimensional beings designed to experience wholeness in our body: complete healing, richness of life experiences, intimacy and connection in our relationships. 


Yet most of us are walking around disconnected and disembodied from our holistic nature. We find ourselves fighting an internal battle where it seems like the different  parts of us are competing with one another, rather than collaborating. 


We are disappointed with our physical bodies, stuck in overdrive in our mental bodies, emotionally devoid or swinging wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Then there is our spiritual body.


We may find ourselves focusing on ONE  aspect or dimension  of the Human body at a time, often at the expense or ignorance of the others:


Today's show is a must listen if you are seeking to better understand your intricate, multi-dimensional DESIGN, open your potential beyond the physical and experience WHOLENESS 


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Episode 61: 7 Standards to Normalize for a Thriving Relationship

relationships Sep 14, 2022

What we DO inside our intimate relationships often mirrors how we do all relationships in our life. It’s incredible how intricately woven the relationships in our life are. 


Are we NORMALIZING GREAT Relationships in our life?


Is LOVE enough for a GREAT relationship? 

I believe the answer is yes and …no.  Unconditional LOVE in its pure essence would be more than enough, however most of us are not bringing that to the table. We are still carrying wounding from our past into our relationships, and while we believe we are operating from love, we are often showing up with self protecting, self serving or expectant hearts - on the defensive, offensive, waiting to be disappointed. 


We want to feel loved, but struggle to operate from it. We want to be seen and heard, but have trouble hearing each other. We want intimacy, but keep hiding.


Today we are flipping the script into the things we want to FOCUS MORE of our attention,...

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Episode 60: 6 Behaviors That Are Killing Your Relationships

relationships Sep 07, 2022

There are some very predictive and repetitive patterns I have noticed that men and women play out inside our relationships that are killing them! I am familiar with some of these myself and we all have our favorite flavors and defaults.

The thing is, often we are engaging in them thinking they will actually ‘make things better’. NO. NO they will not. In fact they are slowly contributing to the demise and greater disconnection of your relationship.

NIP these 6 things in the bud If you want to 

  1. STOP the cycles you have been looping through
  2. TURN things around this week
  3. Create a relationship that FUELS both of you completely

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • Habit 1: Distracting ourselves with fast cars, new projects and yes… even having a new baby!
  • Habit 2: Hiding things from one another - is it money? Is it sexual desires? 
  • Habit 3: Talking about our problems non stop! (and getting nowhere)
  • Habit 4: Suppressing and Ignoring Emotions - worse -...
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Episode 59: Prosperity Consciousness, Core Abundance Beliefs & 6 Types of Wealth

abundance + prosperity Aug 31, 2022

I have seen so many people, including myself have “EVERYTHING” yet feel like they have NOTHING - constantly anxious about today and tomorrow .And I have seen those with very little laugh and live as if they have it ALL - so what is the secret and what does a prosperous life even look like?

Today I am sharing the 6 types of Wealth and doing a check in with you to see if you are in survival mode, poverty mode, comfort mode or OVERFLOW mode? Personally I want to live from a state of overflow in ALL arenas of life and YES I do believe we are created to delight in ALL of life, not just dabbles of it.

I am also sharing my definition of prosperity consciousness and some of the core beliefs/laws I am living by that have allowed me to experience so much richness over the past 3 years. As l embrace these laws and continue to deepen in my obedience to them, I see things are multiplying faster than any 'methods' the world programs ever taught me.

We are discussing:

  1. CREATION...
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Episode 58: The LAWS of Harmonious Living with Mark Jewell

abundance + prosperity Aug 24, 2022

Today I am joined by my lover, amazing husband, and ultimate adventure buddy, Mark as we record this episode from a treehouse in Mexico! We are diving into the conversation around prosperity consciousness, becoming more than OK with enjoying ALL of life without guilt and what harmonious living means for us.


I believe this is a critical conversation that more of us need to be having if we truly want to experience what God has in store for us. Too many of us are finding ourselves in the tension between GUILT and JOY, mostly focused on what is missing, what is wrong, or what we don't want.


We strive, chase and focus on the future so we can ‘finally’ experience something. Then when we get there we can’t relax! We want peace but are so programmed to be anxious which is completely out of alignment with harmony. We have been convinced that no matter where we are, there is something more important happening somewhere else or that somehow we do not deserve...

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Episode 57: The KEY INVESTMENTS I Make That Continue To Create LEAPS In My Life

overcoming adversity Aug 17, 2022

I've gone through multiple deaths of my old ‘self’ and rebirths over the past 10 years. 

And with that has come many “upgrades” in how I think, what I believe, how I live and what desire to give - and receive. With each upgrade, I have been blessed with a new “normal” or reality around me. 

A NEW normal is absolutely available to those who are clear on what they ‘want’ and are willing to invest in the ‘work’ to get there. Today’s episode is about those investments.

There are some KEY things that I regularly invest in, without fail, without entertaining guilt, without hesitation.  Today I am sharing them with you because I've seen people struggle with the same things over and over again, and it always amazes me to see what the similarities are, in those that are MOVING forward and have things to share that are NEW (who are creating the life they desire) - and those that keep people cycling through...

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