Episode 41: Pacing + Pressure and Flow State Living: Slowing Down to Speed Up

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2022

Is there really room for MORE than enough? 

Is there such a thing as living a life in FLOW or is it just a pipe dream, reserved for big wave surfers and extreme athletes?

I believe there is absolutely MORE than enough time, energy and space for us to experience full lives from a state of flow but it requires we set the intention to live this way and adjust our pacing IN the pressure. Such has been my life story as I am learning the art of mastering ‘pacing’ to live more intentionally IN the pressure.


There is a Good pressure that expands us at a rate our nervous system + energetic body can handle- and then there is the pressure that cracks us open, burns us out + has us constantly in fight/fix mode - stuck in loops of massive growth only to be followed by contractions that take us right back to square one. 


When we force things, we break things.

When we rush things, we miss things.

When we try and ‘fit’ things into already full...

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Episode 40: Redefine Failure & Unlimit Your Potential with Seth Pepper

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2022

If you couldn’t lose, what would life look like right now? 

In today’s episode I am joined by Seth Pepper, High Performance Coach and mindset mentor to top athletes, coaches and companies and we are redefining failure. Specifically we unpacked what it takes to normalize GREATNESS. 

At the age of 14, Seth chose his sport and within just six years of that first day in the pool, he became one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. What carried him all the way to the top – was developing the power of his MIND. Along the way, he won 2 National Championships, held the #4 Ranking in the World and was inducted into The Hall of Fame. 


The impossible… isn’t.


I loved everything about today’s conversation! 


Feeling uncomfortable? -> That's Life -> Life BEGINS at the edge of your comfort zone.


Your Results Are Not Your Identity

It’s amazing how many “Yes” are waiting out there if you are...

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Episode 39: “Micro Decisions” that Make You or Break You

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2022

In today’s episode we are talking “Micro Decisions”.


Those moment by moment, second by second -choices we make on a daily basis that either MOVE us toward the life we desire or Break us + DISTANCE us from it.


Whether we think about it or not, each day is simply a long series of micro-decisions - many of them made unconsciously and trained into our psyche and nervous system.


Last episode we discussed the importance of asking a clear + powerful question in order to get a clear and powerful answer.. 


The next step is the KEY though. 

What do we CHOOSE  - based on that answer? Do we talk ourselves out of the answer? Do we choose to believe it?


Do we freeze, flee, fight or lean in?


It takes trust to move forward and TRUST itself doesn’t happen overnight.


To trust is a decision.

To love is a decision.

To enjoy something is a decision.


These things are cultivated and nurtured in motion.

They are...

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Episode 38: Powerful Questions to SHIFT Any Situation

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2022

This episode is full of LIFE Changing gems! Today I am opening up my arsenal of secret ‘weapons’ with you… the power of ASKING and asking the RIGHT Questions at the right time. 


Here’s why: 

If you ask yourself a Wise + Powerful question,  you’ll get a Wise + Powerful response. 

If you ask yourself expansive questions rooted in abundance, you’ll get responses and solutions that OPEN up possibility and potential. 


The same is true the other way.  If you ask a poor question you’ll get a poor answer.

One that makes  you MORE confused, frustrated, contracted.. You get the point.


Todays’ invitation is to activate renewed vision inside you by mastering the art of asking questions. 

I also address why it’s KEY to ask questions, vs telling others and yourself what to do/think/feel. 

In this Episode I Unpack:

  • 10 Powerful Self Reflection Questions 
  • The ENERGY behind...
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Episode 37: Are you FIGHTING the SPIRIT or LEADING with it?

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2022

How do we move forward boldly,  knowing we are moving in the right direction?

I often get asked some version of this question

How do I know when I am moving IN STEP with the Spirit or fighting against it?

How can I TELL if this (decision/thing) is God’s will for my life or not?

I see a couple things happen here...

  •  People getting PARALYZED by indecision or inaction here. They lack BOLDNESS.
  •  Others keep ASKING for what they already HAVE! They are not acknowledging + accepting the answers and so they pray over it and meditate on it + ask for direction on things they have already been given answers to!  They lack the ability to RECEIVE + MULTIPLY.
  •  Then there are Others who are overwhelmed and drowning in pressure bc they seize EVERY opportunity that present itself to them. They lack DISCERNMENT
  •  Those who it seem to have it DIALLED IN a good portion of the time (not always) but often  - they are TRULY connected to their Spirit and the heart...
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Episode #36: Getting into INTEGRITY with Mark Jewell

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022

Today I am joined by my husband, Mark as we dive into the topic of INTEGRITY.

Not the typical definition we are all familiar with: ”to be honest + have strong moral principles,  but the one listed here: 

Integrity: The State of Being WHOLE or UNDIVIDED. Soundness. Completeness.

Together, we are unpacking the conversation around WHAT is required to get things in “ORDER” or a state of WHOLENESS - internally and externally - and WHY this is SO essential as we move from one season of life into another. 

It is the real WORK that ensues as we step into more authentic versions of ourselves, as we commit to engaging in more powerful + meaningful work, and choose to strengthen our intimate relationships - growing together FOR something greater than us.

Most leaders would say they STAND for:

NOT Settling. 

Playing Full Out. 

Constantly GROWING and evolving themselves and others.

AND if we are going to live that way from a place of EXPANSIVENESS (not...

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Episode 35: 10 Keys to Conscious “Co-Creation”

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

Today we are UNPACKING what it means to be a Conscious CO-CREATOR, vs ‘the’ creator of your reality.

After nearly 20 years in the coaching space, The most common theme I see with clients who are stuck / rehashing the past over and over is 

  1. Most people LACK CLARITY on their VISION WHAT they are here to create 
  2. Most people are completely DISCONNECTED and therefore DISORIENTED.

They are DISCONNECTED from their God-Given DESIRES. Therefore they are UNCLEAR on WHAT they actually want and are called to create/build in this season of life.

So….  they keep creating/building/chasing what they DON’T actually want and find themselves lacking fulfillment, 


They are so fixated on what they don’t want that they keep re-creating the SAME thing over and over and over because they FEED so much of their precious LIFE force energy to it!

They are so dialed into the noise/chaos of the outer world (and everyone else’s input) and...

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Episode 34: Navigating Growth Pains + Uncertainty + Massive EXPANSION in our lives!

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2022

How we navigate GROWTH PAINS and seasons of CHANGE as a couple

In today’s episode, we are talking about NAVIGATING the resistance that comes up inside our relationships, especially as we are moving into NEW and uncharted territories together.

This can look like many things.

  • Launching into New Careers
  • Moving to New Environments + Home Bases
  • New Adventures Calling us
  • New Visions over our Life's Work

 Maybe ALL are happening at the same time!

It’s IN these moments of transition, that SO many things come up for us as we are being STRETCHED as individuals, as a couple.

Before we know it, we might be experiencing:

  • Frustrating Communication (or lack of it)
  • More Misunderstandings than we are used to
  • Doubts + Fears + Insecurities popping up
  • A Lack of Clarity on where we are and where we are going
  • Impatience + Irritations + Judgment

We may be wondering WHAT on earth is going on here?!

In today's episode I share our own personal call to adventure right now, where God is...

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Episode 33: A Life Worth LIVING: On Men, Money, Sex and Performance

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2022

A LIFE worth LIVING is measured by all the things you can't possibly MEASURE, and yet MOST people  are tirelessly measuring every single aspect of their lives! 

The world systems have trained us to measure everything 10 ways til Sunday.

I remember a time when I followed the destructive/contractive programming and measured most things in my life....  because I "Thought" and was taught - that's what high achievers do

“Successful people measure everything” - High Achievers set goals and go after what they want.

This was the STANDARD I grew up by and ran every aspect of my life by.

Remembering this just makes me want to purge right here on the spot. 

Looking back -  I was living a completely different life, in a totally different world, with totally different rules of engagement than I ‘play’ today.


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Episode #32: Better Than Before: Rebuilding Relationships Post Divorce

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2022


In today’s episode, I am joined by my clients, Jordan + Eric for a client interview and real-life example of two people who are committed to doing the WORK to create the relationship they desire after two really tough marriages.

They entered their second marriage with high hopes that the past was behind and things were going to be smooth sailing! But soon enough they began to realize that those same issues and painful triggers from the past were showing up again and again, themselves in a different outfit.


Frustrated,  and at a complete loss on WHAT to do - they reached out and committed to this JOURNEY together. They soon began to realize there was a GAP in what they THOUGHT they needed from each other  vs what was actually required from both of them to CREATE the new.


As always, it starts with US - not the other person.


The beautiful thing about these two is that they DECIDED together to truly become co-creators of the NEW together -...

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