Episode 3: The Unstoppable Force: Masculine + Feminine

Welcome to another heart-shifting episode. Today, Christine will talk about The Unstoppable Force --The Union of Masculine and Feminine. The inspiration comes from her experience dealing with and eventually breaking free from 20+ years of toxic relationships to finding her soulmate. So if you’re craving deeper, more meaningful relationships, if you want to break free of the constant battle with the opposite sex, if you desire to experience deeper love and intimacy, this episode is for you. 

Dear Warrior, it is time to come back to your original design and uplevel your relationships. Open your eyes, ears, and heart to a new potential, a new reality. There is so much more waiting for you.

“We are created for each other, to work together as an unstoppable force.”

- Christine Jewell



2:17 The masculine + feminine are created for each other for a divine purpose

4:04 Breaking free from the constant tug of war with the opposite sex
7:32 What is up...

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Episode 2: Why We Are Not Designed to Be A LONE Wolf

Have you ever felt alone even when surrounded by others? It is such a lonely road to success. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We are not designed to live in isolation and loneliness. We are designed for intimate relationships, with God and with each other. Something beautiful happens inside of us, knowing that God is with us wherever we go. In today’s episode, Christine will unpack the Lone Wolf mentality and debunk common myths about it. 

Dear Warrior,  stop living life like a wolf. Instead, awaken the lion and lioness within you.

“We are not designed to go alone, without God, without the Spirit, and certainly without each other.”

- Christine Jewell


1:31 Are you tired of going alone on a lonely road?

5:58 What does the world have to say about this mentality?

8:06 Where do we receive the praise that drives our need for significance?

12:56 “I have been fighting as a child” - Yeah, that's me!

19:38 A legacy of wounds...

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Episode 1: Created for MORE - The Untamed Life

abundance + prosperity Aug 11, 2021

Welcome to the first episode of this podcast. Today, Christine will unpack what it means to live The Untamed Life. Discover the main difference between The Warrior of the World vs. The Warrior of the Heart.  Understand the rules of this world vs. the supernatural rules. It's time to realize the reason for your being. 

Dear Warrior, a new era is upon us. Are you ready to live as a Warrior of the Heart?

“We are designed to create from a place of inspiration and desire, and that is the natural rhythm of life.”

- Christine Jewell


1:55 Unpacking The Untamed Life

4:51 What are we terrified of?

5:25 The two types of warriors -- which one are you?

9:37 What does it mean to be human?

10:52 Switching the fire to become a Warrior of the Heart

11:35 Meet the Warrior of the World, a slave to the lifestyle they have created

17:07 Breaking free, shifting your allegiance and realizing your true design

24:50 Ask yourself: “Have I still been operating as...

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A Mans Heart is Desperately Seeking

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2021

You are not DESIGNED to be bored, anxious and restless.

A Man is designed with the HEART of a LION: fierce, ready for adventure, purposeful... craving a beautiful woman to share his Kingdom with.

If a MAN does not pursue those things his heart has been created FOR,
If he is never invited to LIVE from DEEP within his HEART, he will desperately seek to fill that void with other things.
More money, more sex, more work, more alcohol, more distractions.
More ...more... more.. it will never be enough.

Things that will eventually lead him astray from him from the MAN he was created to be. He will forget who he IS.
Things that will eventually destroy ALL he has worked to hard to build.
He will LOSE all that matters to him.
The passion for it will fade like a distant flame.
The ONLY way to LEAD from this place is to UNLOCK you hardened heart and come back to the power that resides within.

So what’s The KEY that UNLOCKS your heart?

TRUST my Warriors.

TRUST is the KEY That unlocks the...

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All In


Another layer of a MANS HEART has been revealed to me
This morning I was reminded once again with laser PRECISION that a MAN’s heart is fierce, loving, passionate and…
Territorial. ♥

Let me explain.

I believe a MAN’s heart is a reflection of GOD’s own Masculine heart.
Lately, the Masculine HEART of God has been pursuing me like wildfire
His words coming through me loud and clear.
I want to lead you.
I want to show up for you.
I want to come through for you.
I want to support you, provide for you
and be your ROCK.
Most importantly I want you to TRUST me

Men, can you relate here?

His heart goes on....
I AM the fortress to your garden
I AM the shelter to your storms,
The direction in the midst of chaos ,
The structure that allows you to FLOW,
Like the banks of a river holding you firmly
when you roar wildly or move gracefully
I AM the LOVER, Leader, Protector you have been seeking.
I WANT ALL of you.
Not part of you.
Not some of you,
Not some...

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Who Is Your Master?

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other.
You can not serve God and be enslaved to money”.

- Matthew 6:24

WHO is your MASTER?
WHAT REWARDS are you chasing down in your life?

When we worship things OF the world, we become puppets of the world.

We become slaves to our business.

We become slaves to our schedule.

We become slaves to what we “created” that has now taken over us. We think we are “in charge”, but we know who’s really holding the reigns.

And it isn’t you. If you slow down, if you let go, if you RELAX and follow your heart, there is a deep sense that it will all fall apart.

So you keep choosing. And you are always in FULL choice.

Sovereignty means to be FREE.

It is our natural BIRTHRIGHT to be free men and women, leaders delivering our unique gifts TO the world.

When you are devoted to the DIVINE - serving GOD...

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I see you.

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

Dear Warrior,

I have SEEN your hard work,
I have HEARD your voice asking for direction,
I have FELT your LONGING for MORE…
Even though you aren’t quite sure what that longing is.
I see you.
I hear you.
I feel you, and I AM HERE.
I AM responding to you
I AM acknowledging your deepest desire.
The answers and direction you seek are here,
The doors you’ve been looking for are ready to be opened 🗝 if you’re willing
The rest for your body, the love for your heart, the courage for your mission...
Are here.

I come in the form of OPPORTUNITY.

I come quietly, discreetly
Like a whisper flowing through your ear,
Like a flutter beating faster in your chest
Like an invitation pulling you closer to me
Can you see me my silhouette ?
Can you hear my delicate call?
Can you sense my presence moving within you and around you?
You’ve been asking for a long time.
Are you willing to RECEIVE me when I offer myself to you?
I don’t push, force or demand you to join me....
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A New Era Is upon us...

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

Dear Warrior,

A New Era Is upon us

One where we can no longer play the games of the past.
Where total transparency, honour and TRUST will BE the norm for those who want to LIVE RICH lives.
Where deep conviction, inner knowing and DEVOTION
Become the FUEL that drive us forward ,
Instead of the superficial striving, competition and chasing we have come to know so well.
This NEW world will require a new type of warrior,
A MAN who is grounded, calm and fierce
A MAN who has come to know the POWER that lies In his heart,
the LEADERSHIP that only comes from being in Service to the SPIRIT
And the INNER PEACE & LOVE that comes from restoring the relationship
Between the masculine and feminine.

This NEW Era will call us to a different kind of BATTLE.

You will no longer feel the need to be in a constant
Fight with yourself, with others, with time,
energy or money.
Old battle tactics will no longer work
In fact, they will be the very things that throw you
off course,...
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TO the MAN who is HUNGRY and WONDERING...

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

What ELSE is out there for me?
Because I KNOW in my bones, there is more to life than this.

Beyond all the sex,
Beyond all the power,
Beyond all the authority
Beyond all the achievements
All the toys, homes and money in my accounts.
If that is ALL there Is,
WHY is there still a void inside, longing and waiting to be FILLED with “something” elusive?
If my marriage or the women I’ve met are so great, WHY is there a desire for deep affection that has never been satisfied?
If my business has created so much wealth, WHY am I still striving and restless in my body?
Even with ALL I have, what is missing?
WHY the nagging thought that there’s MORE out there, but I don’t know what that is.
Why the HUNGER for more excitement in my SOUL?
Because my Dear Warrior,
YOU We’re created to walk through different gates and PLAY in a different REALM.
⚜️🌎 ⚜️
You have tried the Gates of the physical work and logical mind, and those gates have led to...
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Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021


And this is what has inspired me to write this love note, from the Feminine to the Masculine.

I believe in the Sovereign MASCULINE and that our world needs you now more than ever.

I believe in the goodness that lies in your heart. I believe in the strength that you carry for others. I believe that you are created ON purpose, as a MAN IN your amazing musculature, stature and structure because only you possess the ability to protect, lead and guide us.


I believe you deeply honour and respect the feminine. That every bone in your body wants to protect her and witness her shine in all her delight and radiance.


I believe it brings you great pleasure to allow ALL her power of creation to flow, and her BEAUTY to be fully revealed.
It is SHE that brings forth LIFE in all things and It is HER whisper than can mobilize a thousand men.


This is why she has been silenced, This is why she has been persecuted and attacked.


This is WHY...
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