Episode 73: How To Let Go of Your People Pleasing Tendencies

People pleasing might not sound like the worst thing. What is wrong with being nice to people in the hopes of making them happy, right? Unfortunately, people pleasing tends to go beyond simply being kind. You may go out of your way to do things for the people in your life based on what you think they want or need, and in turn, you give up your own time or energy to make sure they’re happy. So, how can we let go of these tendencies? In this episode, I will be explaining where people pleasing comes from and how to overcome the need to make everyone happy.

Listen in as I describe what will happen if you create something or decide to do something out of fear and how this can lead to a lifetime of sadness and fear. You will learn how to set clear boundaries for yourself (and others), how to let go of your old ways of thinking, and how to create new ways of caring for others.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • What people pleasing is really about.
  • The importance of not...
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Episode 72: 3 KEY Questions To Ask Yourself if You Want an UPGRADE in Your LIFE

Having a growth mindset is critical if you are open to continuous improvement in your life. For many people, they’re too focused on the end goal and they don’t pay enough attention to the journey. And the journey is where the magic happens. Before you begin, you have to be ready to make the shift in your mindset and your life in order to make these changes or upgrades sustainable. So, in this episode, I will be sharing the three questions that are essential to ask yourself if you truly want to upgrade your life.

Listen in as I explain the importance of putting your ego aside and allowing your adventurous spirit to embrace the unknown of what you may be about to unlock in your life. You will learn why it is essential that you have the willingness to release control if you want to make a big change, how to identify what is holding you back in your life, and how to start seeing yourself as the asset that you are.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The importance of...
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Episode 71: Living a Passion-filled Life of Authenticity with Neil Kennedy

Do you know who you truly are? Neil Kennedy is the President of FiverstarMan, where he is challenging men to step up and grab the reins of authentic manhood. As a business, church, ministry, and life consultant, Neil has helped many people strategize the necessary steps to reach their full potential. In this episode, he will share his advice for finding out who you truly are so that you can finally live a passion-filled life that feels authentically you.

Listen in as Neil describes the power of self-assurance and how this can shift your entire perspective of life. You will learn how to ensure the needs for the mission are always met, the five passions of authentic manhood, and how to make more meaningful connections.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The importance of finding out who you are truly.
  • How women and men complement each other so completely.
  • The power of self-assurance.
  • What prosperity really means.
  • Why your family should be above all else.
  • The benefit...
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Episode 70: Anxiety, Consumption and Temptations

Feeling overcome with anxiety or dread can be difficult to pull yourself out of, especially once these negative feelings start to take over your day. However, if we can pinpoint what it is that is leading to these physical and emotional responses, it can become easier to find that peace of mind we are searching for. So, where do we begin with finding our triggers? In this episode, I will be sharing several temptations to be aware of that may be pulling you away from your internal voice, in hopes of helping you shed the external factors contributing to your anxiety.

We’ve got to be aware of what is going on around us, but it is important that we are never consumed by it. It is up to us to shift the narrative in our life so that it is aligned with who we want to be and where we want to go. Stop spiraling into worry and fretting over information that is being thrown your way and start seeing it for what it is: data and information.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The...
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Episode 69: Fear, Doubt, Success + Daily WINS with Joshua Kreitzer

What wakes you up in the morning and puts a fire in your belly?

AND … Why should anybody care? 

This is the core question we are diving into in today’s episode as I am joined by one of my amazing clients, industry leader, family man, and CEO of Channel Bakers - Josh Kreitzer. 

Often we think if things just get bigger, if we just scale more, if we just make more money, get a bigger house, a ferrari, a beautiful ski boat, a massive team… all our ‘problems’, insecurities and challenges would magically disappear right?


The truth is - the more we boldly step into the next level of abundance, growth, expansion - take the LEAP into a new realm - it requires a whole new way of doing things and it tests us each step of the way.

Josh  went from losing everything and living off food stamps (with his family) in 2008 to sleeping on a yoga mat in the office to running an agency that does over 250 million in ad revenue globally per...

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Episode 68: Still chasing and performing for affection + love

Are you still chasing and performing for love + affection?

Are you Constantly beating yourself up, convinced that you are screwing things up, have not done enough, or keep missing the mark somehow when it comes to your relationship?

Do you catch yourself feeling ‘undeserving’ of love or perhaps reciting to yourself

 “I DESERVE to be loved, to have someone who appreciates me and treats me better!”

And.. no matter how much you tell yourself this, you still don’t believe it.

Maybe a part of you is secretly feeling like you’ve been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the relationships you are in and if you are honest with yourself you are wondering,

 ``What did I DO to DESERVE this?!” 


In today’s episode I'm diving into why I think we need to DITCH this whole “deservingness” attitude + how it’s actually keeping us FROM the very things we are created FOR.


As always I will pull back the curtain...

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Episode 67: Navigating Emotional Exhaustion + Feeling Like Yourself Again

overcoming adversity Oct 26, 2022

Sometimes you are just OFF. You are easily triggered over the simplest things. Your motivation and desire for the things you once loved seems to be escaping you and you simply don’t feel like yourself.  

Ever experienced that?


Sometimes… Even in the midst of ALL the amazing things in our life, our beautiful home, our healthy family, our prosperous financial situation - we still find ourselves with a heavy heart, dissatisfied, or even disappointed. 


There are times when our HEART is heavy and our SOUL is tired.


I have been moving through a season of this recently and it’s challenged me to dig deep into my reflective toolbox. 


In today's episode I am sharing some things that I do and meditate on that continue to help me move through dense, heavier periods of my life, not necessarily with ‘ease’, but certainly with way less force and fight and a whole lot more patience, understanding and grace.



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Episode 66: When Nothing is Going Right or According to Plan!

spiritual growth Oct 19, 2022

What do you DO when everything seems to be going WRONG? 

Ever felt like you are in the middle of a cosmic boxing match?

How do we navigate those days, weeks, times and seasons when there’s just one thing after another coming at you? When nothing seems to be going your way, according to plan and you have the choice to either laugh or cry. 

Last week was that kind of week for me.

No matter which way I turned, it seemed like there was resistance pushing back. In my old life I would have definitely fought, forced and pushed my way through it, but this time things were different.

Today I want to share some of the ways I navigated the last week (and this season), as well as the insights, lessons, and gifts I picked up along the way.

In this episode I unpack:

  • My comical and disheartening day! It’s been a while…
  • How God used my circumstances to speak to me and show me what I NEED to see and hear most
  • How Answered prayers often come in the most unexpected ways
  • ...
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Episode 65: Why You Struggle to Have HEALTHY Relationships

relationships Oct 12, 2022

Do you STRUGGLE in having healthy relationships? 


Have you had a hard time attracting a partner that truly appreciates you? 


Are you in a constant battle to be heard, seen and understood inside your relationships? 


Today I’m sharing some of the common “operating systems” and characteristics of people who repeatedly struggle in establishing and HOLDING onto healthy relational dynamics.


Note - I USED to be this person so this is a loving share from a raw, real place


In this episode I’m unpacking 


  • The things that trigger our HOT buttons 
  • WHY you’re easy to “mess with”
  • Are you afraid of being controlled and manipulated ? 
  • What causes us to be easily manipulated 
  • How to stop playing defensive or offensive game all the time 
  • Breaking the patterns of our past “mental program”
  • Are we making other people our “Master”?
  • Ditching the measuring...
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Episode 64: What makes you Qualified? IMPOSTOR Syndrome, Self Doubt and Owning Your Unique Gifts!

overcoming adversity Oct 05, 2022

WHO do you think you are? WHAT exactly makes you qualified to get out there and do the work you are doing? What makes you think you’ve ‘got what it takes’ to help others along their journey/talk about this stuff? Should you really be making that much money??


“God Does Not Call The Qualified – He Qualifies The Called”

This is perhaps one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is certainly one that I recall often, especially when the voices of doubt creep in and the old impostor visits. 


As I support clients, this conversation comes up often. The need for more and more information, more external validation, more connections before they MOVE. 


As I go through this process of 


Impostor syndrome calls us to remember who we actually are, where we come from and what we are actually positioned to do at this moment in time. 


In this episode we are unpacking:

  • The creeping thoughts that come in and how...
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