Episode 53: Rebuilding Trust When It Has Been Broken

How do we begin to heal, restore and rebuild trust after it’s been broken?

Perhaps there's been an affair, emotional or physical cheating, or trust has been broken in other ways:  confidentiality was broken, financial mistakes swept under the rug, lack of follow through on empty promises. Lots of words and no action to back it up.

Nothing feels more painful, confusing and disheartening at the moment.

Anytime we enter into an agreement with someone,  it often comes with a whole set of unspoken expectations and hopes of how things are going to be, and when they don’t go according to plan, we become shattered. Regardless of our story, we know that if we don't honor and heal the pain of the past, those wounds will remain open and we will inevitably end repeating those patterns over and over again. 

In today’s episode I am breaking it down into two sections:

Part one is for the person that broke the trust

  • What does Radial Ownership look and sound...
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Episode 52: ONE Year! Getting Out of Your Own Way!

abundance + prosperity Jul 13, 2022

Today we are celebrating ONE full year of the UNTAMED LIFE podcast and I am diving into the SPECIFIC things I believe PUT US into the place of Abundance, Overflow and Alignment.

That’s correct. We get PUT THERE. And how we got PUT there is by setting down our own agenda and  getting OUT of the way.

Just over a year ago I felt the call on my heart to create this podcast and to not hesitate! At the time I felt highly unqualified and wasn't even sure what the format would end up being. Yet - here we are celebrating 52 consecutive weeks of recording and releasing episodes without a single blip or break! That’s some massive progress on so many levels.

MOST of my life I have resisted consistency + commitment in the name of “freedom” and flexibility and yet the journey proves that when we move and swap our self serving hearts for ones of deep service - we enter the space of ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

What is paradoxical is that living IN the space of ultimate freedom...

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Episode 51: How To Create Momentum + Unlock Flow

overcoming adversity Jul 06, 2022

What to DO when nothing is working....

Feeling Stuck, Stalled or Contracting? How do you tap back into Momentum and get back into the FLOW again?

We all hit those spots - Where all of a sudden, it feels like nothing you are doing is working right & what always used to work to get results, is no longer working. In fact, it may even be causing more problems than anything. What gives?

I believe this is the exact moment we are on the cusp of a breakthrough or upgrade and the way through it without breaking everything down is to move into the space of momentum where things are flowing naturally, vs being forced.

In today's episode I am talking about the KEY areas where we get stuck and HOW to move past them:

  • How to move beyond frustration and discouragement
  • How to open up energy when you are feeling drained/exhausted
  • How to lighten the load when you are feeling burdened - heavy, weighed down
  • The ONE fast thing I do to clean things up and set myself up to MOVE Forward
  • The...
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Episode 50: The TEST of a TRUE LEADER - What to Look For

leadership Jun 29, 2022

How do you KNOW what kind of King, Queen, LEADER you truly are?

HOW do we determine if we are succeeding or running this thing, this marriage, this company - off the rails?

I believe as leaders The ripple effect of our influence will have an impact on generations to come. 

It’s easy to view ourselves through both rose coloured, delusional glasses - in complete denial about what we are actually leaving as a legacy…

or  through really harsh ones where it feels like we can’t seem to do anything right.

Good, bad and everything in between - you are leaving a MARK on others and you have influence right now. The question then becomes - what INFLUENCE am I having on others?

Simply put the TEST is this:  What is LIFE like for the people we have been entrusted with?

Is your kingdom thriving or struggling right now?

We have all been entrusted with some kind of kingdom - no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ it may seem in your eyes. Big and...

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Episode 49: What are you fighting FOR? Awakening the Warrior Within!

overcoming adversity Jun 22, 2022

It’s a dangerous place to be. 

That place where you begin to notice you have lost your inner fire, your vision suddenly becomes blurry, your thoughts unfocused, and you are tired - exhausted.

You are tired from fighting constant battles, tired from putting out one fire after another, reacting to everyone and everything around you instead of LEADING with conviction, clarity and certainty. 

It’s a dangerous place to be when you forget your REASONS to fight FOR something better - for yourself, for your children, your family, your future generations - and you start fighting for all the wrong reasons. 

If we don’t learn to fight FOR the RIGHT reasons, we will eventually pass on the responsibility of breaking the chains of the past, healing generations of pain and wounding and installing NEW standards for what life gets to look like - onto someone else. 

In today's show we are talking about

  • REMEMBERING what the fight is actually FOR 
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Episode 48: Is "love" enough? The Missing Ingredients of a LOVING + Thriving relationship: RESPECT + HONOR

relationships Jun 15, 2022

Are you struggling to FEEL the love inside your relationship? 

Have you ever found yourself saying “Clearly you don't love me because you said this, or you did that!” 

How many times do we throw these daggers at each other? 

How many times do we allow ourselves to confuse someone else's behavior with our identity or worth?

How many times have we operated from a distorted view of what love actually IS?

I spent years of my life feeling terrible inside of relationships because I didn’t have an understanding of what love actually was. I had an idea. I had expectations. I had illusions I was holding on to. But I did not UNDERSTAND love, let alone loving behavior. 

Everything changed for me when I came back to the true power of LOVE. It was here that I learned the places I was out of integrity + the ingredients that were missing all along. 

In todays episode we unpack:

  • Is LOVE enough inside relationships?
  • What are the missing ingredients to...
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Episode 47: Celebrating our Expansion! + Doubts, Insecurities and Fears that come up in the Process

relationships Jun 08, 2022

Are you GROWING together + CELEBRATING often, even in the midst of discomfort?

Do you have a clear VISION for yourself and as a couple?


Today. I am joined by one of my favorite humans on the planet, my husband, Mark. We are here to celebrate with you guys and share a personal story of our most recent UPLEVEL as a couple!  


Welcome to Project GRAVITAS! 


We just merged two homes and this has been a monumental step for us. Today we are sharing our vision with you, and with that, some of the insecurities, the doubts and the fears that showed up IN the process. 


Whenever you're expanding, moving into new seasons, growing as a couple or individually - there is going to be some ‘turbulence’ along the way.


We had to come to a place where we would both ditch our personal agendas and lead with the intention to be open to God surprising us, leading us, and being open to receive more than we imagined possible - while completely...

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Episode 46: The Addiction Free Lifestyle with Ronnie Landis - Breaking Free from Addiction

overcoming adversity Jun 01, 2022

Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, peak performance, and human potential. He is also an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a full-time athlete.

He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a former semi-professional athlete and holistic practitioner for years. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating people on optimizing the body, sharpening the mind, and expanding the human spirit.

Today we are talking about addiction but specifically the addictive/coping strategies we turn to and the psycho/emotional things going on below the surface that drive these behaviors. 

Whether it’s closet eating, unconscious social media scrolling, alcohol dependency, retail therapy, sex addictions, nicotine…  The list goes on - we can all relate at some level - and many high achievers have grown up in homes where addiction was part of our upbringing. 

In this episode we unpack:

  • The two things that make...
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Episode 45: 6 Pillars to Accessing + Circulating Abundance in Life

abundance + prosperity May 25, 2022

Part 3 of our 3 Part Series on Living Abundantly - loving fully and tapping into the Life Force that is always available TO you.

Do you struggle with Living FROM a state of Abundance + Prosperity?

To LOVE and LIVE from this place is a constant practice and daily decision. Today I unpack 6 super simple, yet potent ways you can began to shift out of a lack mindset and open your eyes to what is already available to you.

This means TAPPING into a NEW State and becoming a circulator of life, rather than just a consumer. The beautiful thing is, once you make these shifts - things begin to reorganize fast!

Are you still stuck thinking that ONCE you achieve the goal, attain the next thing, overcome this battle you’re in, get past this season of life… THEN you’ll be able to live abundantly?

Time for a conscious and strategic upgrade!

In this episode I unpack:

  • The 6 Pillars of Tapping into Abundance
  • Why Emptying Yourself on a regular basis is ESSENTIAL
  • Why I believe...
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Episode 44: Are You a Giver or a Taker?

How Good are you at GIVING?

Are you able to give with gratitude and appreciation?

OR Are you waiting for others to go first? Grumbling, complaining, resentful, fearful or depleted?

In today's episode we unpack:

  • How to tell if you are Giving to "Get" - why relationships feel life sucking
  • GIVING an offering vs 'trading, exchanging and bartering'?
  • GIVING from a natural state of abundance + overflow
  • How can you give if you're MALNOURISHED?
  • How fear of loss is getting in the way
  • The Spirit of Pride and how it manipulates outcomes
  • PLUS >> the PROSPERITY/Abundance principles of GIVING!

This isn’t just about MONEY - but ANY area of your life!

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To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here. ...

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